31st Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW Guests has been decided

12月3日(日) にパシフィコ横浜で開催する 31st Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW。先日お伝えした ゲスト Motorcycle に加え、chabott engineering / Shinya Kimura の製作した H-D と共に来日が決定。さらに今週は ゲスト Car の 1951 Mercury “Purple Reign” owned by Brian Omatsu の来日も決定しました。

今年は Show Car が1台に Show Bike が 8台横浜にやってきます。

The 31st Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW will be held at Pacifico Yokohama on Sunday, december 3rd. Last week, we have introduced the Guest Motorcycles, and chabott engineering / Shinya Kimura's H-D will be also coming. Moreover, this week the 1951 Mercury “Purple Reign” owned by Brian Omatsu, is also decided to come to Japan as the Guest Car.

This year, we will be going to have one Show Car and 8 Show Bikes coming to Yokohama.
Please look forward to it.

2023 Grand National Roadster Show
1st Place Radical Early Custom 1949-1954

2023 Sacramento Autorama
Custom D‘Elegance
Outstanding Paint

2023 West Coast Kustoms Cruisin’ Nationals
Top 5 Wild Kustom
Larry Watson Outstanding Paint
John D’Agostino Award Of Excellence

1951 Mercury “Purple Reign” owned by Brian Omatsu
Finished and painted by Kraftsman Autoworks

Born-Free 14 Best In Show
Small City Cycles / Todd Asin - 1946 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead

Born-Free 14 Invited Builder 1st Place
WRECKED METALS / Matt Whitlock / 1959 Harley-Davidson Panhead

chabott engineering / Shinya Kimura

Born-Free 13 Invited Builder 1st Place
Erotic City Choppers / David Polgreen - 1956 Harley-Davidson KHK "The Grape Guarantee"

Born-Free 13 Best in Show
theofficialoldtrump / Tom Heavey / 1951 Triumph Pre-Unit "Time Warp"

Born Free 12 Best in Show
Vintage Technologies / Hawke Lawshe' / 1966 Shovelhead

Born-Free 12 Best in Show
CTNEWMAN Engineering / Christian Newman / 1939 Harley-Davidson OHV / ULH

Born-Free 12 Invited Builder 1st Place
Metallhaus / Jake Wreesman / 1948 Harley-Davidson Panhead "The Light"
そして、HCS2023 のエントリーは来週 7月27日(木) 10:00am ~ スタートとなります。今年は Car & Motorcycle Show は選考方式に変更。その他のエントリーは例年どおり、先着順になります。応募するエントリーにより締め切り日が異なりますので、エントリー要項をよくご確認頂き、ご応募ください。

The Entry Registration for HCS2023 will start on Thursday, July 27th 10 AM (JST). The space is limited and it is first-come-first-served basis, read the details carefully and be prepared.

This is different to the Admission Ticker for the event. However, the Admission Ticket for HCS2023, will be availalbe from Friday September 1st. For more details please check from the link below.
For more details
さらに2019年に開催してから4年ぶりに Domestic Car (国産車) Only のイベント ALL ODDS Nationals を9月10日(日)に本牧横浜の MOONEYES Area-1 近くの本牧山頂公園でミーティング形式として開催することにしました。


For the first time in 4 years since 2019, we are holding the Japanese Domestic Car Only Event ALL ODDS Nationals on Sunday, September 10th, at Honmoku Hill Top Park near Honmoku Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1, as a meeting style event.

No registration fee, please just pay the parking fee for the public parking. It is a public parking so, please keep your manners.

25th ALL ODDS Nationals

国産車集まれ! ALL ODDS Nationals!!

開催日時 : 9月10日(日)
時間: 9:00am ~ 2:00pm (雨天決行)
場所: 本牧山頂公園
TEL: 045-623-9662

カスタムしてあることが前提です。デコトラ、バニング & 族車仕様、痛車等はご遠慮ください。

Domestic Car (国産車) Only のイベント"オール オッズ ナショナルズ" を MOONEYES Area-1 のすぐそばの本牧山頂公園にてミーティング形式での開催が決定しました!


多くの Japanese Domestic Car が集まった1日を楽しみましょう!

近隣住民の皆様にご迷惑がかからないよう Shizukani お越しください。

Gather Japanese Domestic Car! ALL ODDS Nationals!!

If you love Japanese domestic classic cars and a little customizing craziness, then you will surely want to join us!

Date : Sunday, September 10th, 2023
Time: 9:00am ~ 2:00pm (Rain or Shine)
Location: Honmoku Hill Top Park

Regardless of the model year, this applies to Japanese domestic cars in the USA style.

Event will held at Honmoku Hill Top Park. It is a special one day which, many Japanese Domestic Cars gather at one place.Let's come with your Japanese Domestic Car!

Entry Fee is FREE but, the venue is public parking so, please keep your manners. In addition, you will need to pay the parking fee.

Please be Shizukani when you come to the venue and please do not disturb the neighbors.
前回の様子はこちら/Previous Event Report
そして9月にはもう一つ Event を開催します。

MOONEYES が提案する Swap Meet Event BUY, SELL & TRADE 5th SURF CITY MARKET PLACE By the Sea の開催が今年も Good Location な江ノ島かもめパーキングで決定です。

エントリー受付は8月上旬を予定しています。確定次第 MOONEYES Officile Website, MOONEYES Official SNS にて告知致しますので、チェックしてください。

Lastly, we are introducing one more event held also on September which is the Swap Meet Event BUY, SELL & TRADE 5th SURF CITY MARKET PLACE By the Sea. It will be held at Good Location Enoshima Kamome Parking, same place as last year.

MOONEYES が提案する Swap Meet Event Buy, Sell and Trade 5th "Surf City Market Place"(SCMP) by the Sea を9月24日(日)に江ノ島かもめパーキングで開催致します!

Car & Motorcycle Parts, 雑貨, 古着、Clothing, Vintage & Antique Items などなど沢山のShop が Surf City Market Place に集まる Special な 1Dayとなります。江ノ島だからこその、Foods & Drinks も楽しめますので、目当ての Clothing や Auto Parts、Goods などのお買い物が終わった後は、江ノ島での Sightseeing もお楽しみください。

By the Sea にある江ノ島にご自慢の Car & Motorcycle で Cruise がてら是非お立ち寄りください。


日時 :2023年9月24日(日)
9:00am ~ 3:00pm 雨天決行
場所 :江ノ島かもめパーキング (神奈川)
内容 : スワップミート
入場料: 2,000円 / 1名 / 13歳以上 (※小学生以下無料)
(¥300の江ノ島店舗で使用出来るクーポン チケット付き)


MOONEYES is introducing the Swap Meet Event, which is the Buy, Sell and Trade 5th "Surf City Market Place"(SCMP) by the Sea at Enoshima Kamome Parking on Sunday September 24th, 2023!

Car & Motorcycle Parts, goods, Secondhand clothing, Clothing, Vintage & Antique items, and more other Shop will gather at the Surf City Market Place and make a Special Day. Because it is at Enoshima, you can also enjoy the Foods & Drinks that can only be enjoyed at Enoshima, so if you finish shopping at the swap meets, please also enjoy the sightseeing at Enoshima.

While you are Cruising with your Car and Motorcycle, please stop by at the Enoshima by the Sea, and enjoy your day.

Registration for the Vendor Booth will start from early August.

Date : September 24th(Sun), 2023
9:00am ~ 3:00pm RAIN or SHINE
Location : Enoshima Kamome Parking (Kanagawa)
Content : Swap Meet
Admission Fee : ¥2,000 / one person / 13 years old and older
(Include a ¥300 Coupon Ticket that can be used at Enoshima Shop)
昨年の様子はこちら/Previous Report
Wildman 石井がデザインした Event ポスターは MOONEYES Area-1 及び MOONEYES Official Online Shop にて販売中です。

(左/Left)25th ALL ODDS Nationals 2023 Poster [MGPOAN23]
Price: 550yen(incl. tax) Overseas)

(右/Right)5th Surf City Market Place by the Sea 2023 Poster [MGPOSCMP23]
Price: 550yen(incl. tax) Overseas)