Show is Over

騒音/暴走行為の問題も無く、 皆様の協力のお陰で 20回目の Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 無事終了しました。 色々不手際もありましたがお許し下さい。 ご協力ありがとうございました!! さすが寄る歳には勝てず体のあっちこっちが痛いです。 詳しいショーの内容は近々 Website にアップされますのでお楽しみに!! It was with everyone's cooperation and support that the 20th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show was a great success! There were no issues or complaints about noise or street chaos from the neighbors too. There were some awkward moments on our part, sorry. But thank you to all for your cooperation!! As one would expect, as the body gets older each year, the pain in various places increases. Show details and galleries will be posted to our website soon. Don't miss it!! In other news: