Pomona with Dean Jr.

お知らせ: MQQN Cafe は 2/27(月)〜3/2(金) 空調 & 店内メインテナンスの為臨時休業させて頂きます。
3/3(土) より新しい空調システムになり暖かくお過ごし頂けると思います。

NOTICE: From 2/27 (Mon) - 3/2 (Fri), MQQN Cafe will be closed for mandatory maintenance.
On 3/3 (Sat) we'll open with a new heating unit in place to enjoy the comfortable warm temperatures.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Dean と納品に NHRA Museum へ行き、 そのついでに9日(木)からはじまる NHRA Drag Racing Winternationals を覗いて来ました。 行ったのは水曜日だったのでピットは静かでした。 Jim Dunn Racing は TAP IT と言う地ビールメーカのメインスポンサーで参戦、 MQQNEYES Logo も何時もの場所に見る事が出来ます。 I went with Dean to deliver goods to the NHRA Museum and from there we checked out the scene of NHRA Drag Racing Winternationals that will begin its season on the 9th (Thu). We went on Wednesday so the pit area was quiet. Jim Dunn Racing has a new main sponsor, a micro-brewery company called TAP IT. Also included in the same location as always, the MQQNEYES Logo can be seen on the front fender. Dean と納品です。 Dean with delivery of goods. Dean Jr. with his dad's '34 Roadster 左から NHRA Museum の Director, Mr. Tony Thacker, Dean MOON Jr. and NHRA Museum 館長の Mr. Greg Sharp. この二人が居なければこの Exhibit は出来ませんでした。 From the left, NHRA Museum Director, Mr. Tony Thacker, Dean Moon, Jr. and NHRA Museum curator Greg Sharp. Without these two, the MQQN Exhibit would have never been possible. 2012 Jim Dunn Racing Funny Car に GT Stripe, 似合います。 Inspection Area にて。 GT Striped Funny Car look good. This is the inspection area. Jim Dunn Racing Apparel Trailer - 販売トレーラーです。 Race場、Jim Dunn Apparel Trailer でしか購入できない Jim Dunn Racing/MQQNEYES T-shirts. Only available at the Jim Dunn Apparel trailer, at the race events, is this Jim Dunn/MQQNEYES T-shirt.