Salinas Boys

日本のゴールデンウイークの週末、5/5 はメキシコの祝日 "Cinco De Mayo" LA から 350マイル、 SFから100マイル 位の所にあるSalinas
On the weekend of Golden Week, 5/5 was the Mexican holiday "Cinco De Mayo" but we traveled 350 miles north of LA, 100 miles south of SF to Salinas.

で Cole (コール フォスター)がこの日ショーを開催すると連絡があったのは 1ヶ月位前、 Salinas にはどうしても行かなければならない理由がもう一つありそれが大きな課題として残っていたので本来ならGW中は日本に居るべきだけどColeのイベントに参加し残っている大きな課題も済ませようとアポイントを取りショーの翌日訪ねる事になった。
Cole Foster had a show on this weekend and he contacted us about a month earlier about coming to Salinas so of course, we were going to be there and I had one other important matter to be in Salinas. I know I shouldn't be out of Japan during the long holiday but If I miss this chance, it might not happen again, so I made an appointment to see him on Sunday. He is a very important person in Salinas for MOON history.

金曜日の昼に101 で一路Salinasへ、Salinas は日本人移民が多いと聞いていたので小さな日本人街でもあるかと期待したけど3軒の Japanese レストランがあるだけ、
We headed out on Friday at around noon on the 101. This highway takes you right into Salinas. I had heard that there were a lot of Japanese immigrants in Salinas. I'm not certain but we did see three Japanese restaurants.

We sat at a table here, looked at the menu, then decided to leave.

This place was a little too suspicious.

Shogun、 Samurai & Ikebana、 Shogun 以外はどうやら日本人以外の人の経営らしく怪しかったのでパス、 Shogun は見つけられず Cole の家を訪ねると 「Mexicanを食べに行こう」 と彼に連れて行かれたのは
Shogun, Samurai and Ikebana. Other than Shogun, the restaurants are run by non Japanese and we couldn't find Shogun so we headed to Cole's house and he took us to eat Mexican for dinner instead.

Cruisin' at Old Town Salinas

Mexican レストラン LA FOGATA
Mexican restaurant LA FOGATA

Old Town Salinas にある "La Fogota" と言う Mexican レストラン、 話はここから思わぬ方向へ進んで行く、 入ると待っていたオーナーらしき人がいきなり日本語で 「Youら日本はどこか?」 と懐かしいイントーネーション 「横浜です」 と言うと 「そうね」、 今度は Chico に 「Youは?」 Chico が 「鹿児島」 と答えると 「おーそーね ちょっとこっち」 と別室のドアを開ける
We went to Old Town Salinas, to a Mexican restaurant called La Fogota. This is where things got a little strange. When we got inside, the owner came out and asked us what part of Japan we were from, in Japanese! I replied with, "Yokohama." Then he turned to Chico and asked, "What about you?" Chico's reply was, "Kagoshima" He said, "Oh really, just over some."

Susan walking into the other room

と何と日本人のカップルが4組、 全員 30-40年前に鹿児島から移民してきた言う方達で Chico を交えて色々と話して行くうちに皆どこかで繋がっていく。 こうなると 「横浜」 はお呼びでない。 「Youは難民? 呼び寄せ?」 と今はまず聞かなくなった懐かしい言葉が飛び交っているうちに Cole達
In another room was a group of four Japanese. Turned out, they all came from Kagoshima about 30-40 years ago so naturally they all started talking with Chico. They didn't really have any interest in Yokohama. "Were you a refugee?" Some of the words they used are seldom heard anymore, it was an interesting conversation to hear though.

は帰ってしまい気が付けば夜中になっていた。 Salinas と言う小さな街での偶然の出会いは Chico に取っては思いがけない展開となって行く、 その後もう 1カップルが来店しその奥さんは何と Chico のお父さんと従兄弟だとこれには驚いた。 久しぶりに聞いた鹿児島弁の響きも良かったけど 90%何を話しているのかは分からない、 懐かしいけど分からない、 分からない事が懐かしい? レストランのオーナーも鹿児島出身の方で そう思ってメニューをよく見ると
Cole and everyone had left by then. Next thing we knew it was midnight. Chico was really into the conversations. In this small town of Salinas, by chance, one more couple showed up. It turned out, the woman is Chico's father's cousin. It was very interesting to hear the Kagoshima accent that everyone had. Although I couldn't understand a lot of what they were saying. The restaurant's owner is originally from Kagoshima and taking a closer look at his menu, I noticed a Japanese menu!

With everyone being from Kagoshima, they were talking with strong accents that I barely understood.
It was like they had a Spanish accent to their Japanese.

Yoshi's Burrito がお勧めです
Yoshi's Burrito is a recommended item

日本食メーニュー もさりげなく載っているではないか。 Salinasへお越しの際は是非お立寄ください。
LA FOGATA 232 Main St. Salinas, CA 93901 Phone: 831-757-5690
Japanese menu casually graces the the Mexican restaurant menu. If you ever make it out to Salinas, this is a must visit place.
La Fogata 232 Main St., Salinas, CA 93901 Phone: 831-757-5690

Soy Sauceと書かずSoy Bean Sauceと言うのが良いですね!
This is the first time I've seen this!
1, 2, 3, Sanjirushi Soy Sauce.
I like how they called it Soy Bean Sauce. That's great!

土曜日はColeのショー、 ダートバイクのレース、 Mexican Music, Chopper, Kustom, Hot Rod が集まった。
Saturday was Cole's show. They had TT dirt track motorcycle races, Mexican Music, Choppers, Kustoms and Hot Rods.

日曜日、 大きな課題と言うのは 60年代日本で MQQN の代表をしていた人であり当時日本のモータスポーツの発展に貢献した人、 その人に会い 60年代日本で MQQN はどうだったのか聞いておこうと思ったからだ。 20年前 MQQNEYES USA 創業当時はまだ多くの関係者から話を聞く事は出来たが Fred や Bill から良く名前を聞いていたこの人が誰よりもが全てを知っていると思っていた。 そんな折り, Coleが 「その人なら Salinas に居て良く知っているよ」 と連絡先を貰ってから 2年が経っていた。 結論から言ってしまえば、 残念ながら会う事は出来無っかた。
On Sunday, it was the Big Day for me. During the '60s in Japan, this man at the time was big into motorsports and helped promote the sport in Japan. I wanted to meet him and find out what MQQN was like in Japan back in the '60s. When I started MQQNEYES USA 20 years ago, there weren't many people that actually worked with Dean and Fred or Bill would fill me in with as much information as they possibly could about the history. I heard about him a lot, especially from those days. He was a very well known person in Japan. I had mentioned this to Cole a while ago and he said that he knew him well and said he was in Salinas and have me his phone number. That was about two years ago. The end result was, unfortunately, I was unable to meet him. We went to where he told us to meet and waited for him for two hours.

理由は分からない、 何らかの理由で約束の場所 (彼の倉庫) に現れなかった。 今現在も連絡が取れていない。 もっと早くに行くべきだったのかもしれない、 もし連絡が取れれば 2週間後 Santa Maria に行く際会ってきたい。
I don't know why, but for what ever reason, he didn't show up at the place we were to meet (his warehouse). Right now, I'm unable to get back in touch with him. Maybe I was too late? If I get in contact with him, I'll be back for Crusin' Nationals in Santa Maria and will try to meet him then.

このゴミ箱が唯一, 待ち合わせ場所が正しい事を証明していた。
This trash can is the spot we were to meet, no mistake.