Obon Odori Festival 2012 at YC&AC

8/4 & 8/5 (土日), 横浜 YC&AC で恒例の Bon Odori Festival (盆踊り) が開催されます。 昔、 本牧ベースで開催されていた規模と比べるわけには行きませんが 当時 体感した同じ空気を感じる事が出来ます。 入場料無料、 17時~21時まで、 YC&AC の Festival Food, Craft Beers と盛りだくさんです。 丘の上で違った空気を吸いませんか? There will be a Bon Odori Festival (Matsuri) on August 4 (Sat) & 5 (Sun) at YC&AC in Yokohama. It's not a huge event like the old days when it was held at Honmoku Base but it's perfect and the atmosphere is great. It's a free event too and starts at 5PM until 9PM. There will be YC&AC Festical Food, Craft Beers and much more. How about joining us at the top of the hill, breathe in the fresh air and forget about the rest of the world for a while?