Event Poster & Updates

仮ですが 21st Annual YOKOHAMA Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 のポスターです。 まだ色々追加され完成は月末位になります。 車 4台 + バイク 10台が USA から運ばれてきます。 今年も盛りだくさんです。 The first release (temporary) poster has been released for the 21st Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD Custom Show 2012. There have been changes already made and we are working on the final release that will be ready at the end of the month. Below is actually release B, slightly different that the first one. 4 Guest Cars + 10 Guest Bikes will be brought from the USA this year. This year will be another outstanding show. 数ある企画の一つ Custom Paint Contest はタンク、 ヘルメットとバイク系が続いたので今年は ハブキャップ (ホイルキャップ) がベースです。 Each year we feature special sections and spotlights as well as in recent years a custom paint contest. A couple years ago we had tanks and last year it was helmets. This year the paint content will be hubcaps (wheel caps). Dean が着ている 6XLの Tシャツをお相撲さんが着るとXL位にしか見えません。 大きいのですね。 We posted a photo of Dean wearing a 6XL T-shirt. Well the same size T-shirt on a Japanese Sumo wrestler looks like a regular XL size. It is a huge size though. こちらは 12月8日 (土) California Irwindale Speedway で開催される MOONEYES USA Xmas Party "Show & Drag" のポスターです。 年始には会場閉鎖でどうなるか心配されましたが問題なく開催出来そうです。 On Dec. 8 (Sat) in California, the MOONEYES USA XMAS PARTY "Show & Drag" will be held at Iwindale Speedway. This is the poster created by Wildman. We were worried at the beginning of the year after Iwrindale initially closed down but they are open and the show will take place.