ショーは終了 Show is Over

21回目の Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 無事に終了しました。 ご来場ありがとうございました。 The 21st Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show finished without any issues. Thank you to everyone that attended the show. LINKS: 1 2 3 毎回、 エントラントの皆様に配っているリストバンドですが その不正使用に今回はこんなのもありました。 This year however, there was a interesting thing about the wristbands that were distributed to entrants. Stuff like this: この用に、 粘着力がある物を付け、 何度も貼ったり剥がしたり出来る様になっています。 リストバンドを緩く巻いて抜け易くした物とか、 カットした物をつまみながら使うとか、 長袖から切れてない部分だけちょっと見せるとか、 あの手この手のチャレンジが再入場口では毎年繰り返されています。 まさにあの手この手、再入場口ではバトルが繰り返されています。 しかし実にセコイ、 情けない、 主催者としては何とも言えない気持ちです。 3,800円がそんなにもったいないのか? それともタダで入るスポーツなのか、 情けない~。 レベルが低過ぎますね。 今年はダフ屋も居たとの事、 会場では床にすわって酒盛りしている方々とか、 エントリーレイアウトの件で怒鳴り込んで来る方とか、 昨年は無かった近隣からの騒音問題がまた発生したり、 その云々色々ありました。 このイベントも曲がり角を迎えたようです。。 とは言え、 皆様ありがとうございました。 素晴らしい一日を過ごして頂けていたら良かったです。 Like the above photo, two-way adhesive tape or something similar was used so that the wristband could be easily taken off and put back on. Some people cut the wristband so it would hook on to the snap, others wore long sleeve shirts and only showed part of the wristband. They try this way or that way. There are many tricks but it's repeated every year and the staff at the re-entry gates are prepared for the challenge. Indeed, this is very petty and downright shameless. As the organizer of the show, I simply do not have words to describe it. Wristbands are not from general admission ticket sales. These are entrants to the show. I can't understand why one would then refuse to pay an additional ticket. Is it just for the challenge of it? That is really getting low. There were even report of "scalpers" or people reselling advance tickets outside. There were a couple minor issues with entrants that had no regard for the space next to them and would literally be using their rented space. There were some complaints of noise this year and some other very minor issues. This event has turned a new corner... That being said, thank you to everyone for being there and I do hope everyone had a great time at the show. It was an incredible one day and I am very pleased. Thank you very much.