MQQN Machine @ GNRS2013

先週の 64th Annual Grand National Roadster Show で European Custom と言うカテゴリーで "Class Participation" Award を頂きました。 どんな賞かと言うと 「参加賞」? と言っても貰えない人が大多数なのです。 1位は Mike Davis、 2位は Todd Asin, MQQN Machine も入れて 3台は昨年の HCS2012 参加 Bike でした。 Last week at the 64th Annual Grand National Roadster Show, I received a "Class Participation" Award for the European Custom category. It sounds like everyone gets one but there are actually not a lot of people that receive it. In the same category, Mike Davis won 1st place, Todd Asin came in 2nd and the MQQN Machine was 3rd which all three were shown at HCS2012 last year. gnrs2013-1976 gnrs2013-1970 gnrs2013-0532 gnrs2013-2871 gnrs2013-1975 gnrs2013-0522 gnrs2013-241_2 gnrs2013-3462 gnrs2013-0754 1st Place was Mike Davis gnrs2013-0702 2nd Place was Todd Asin