便利になります / Convenience

newtrain-01 3/16(土)元町中華街から 埼玉県川越や飯能へ乗り換えなしの直通運転が始まります。 是非 皆さん 飲酒運転の心配ない電車で MQQNEYES Area-1 へお越し下さい。 終点の元町中華街駅からなら観光がてら、 港の見える丘公園を通り、 ベイブリッジを眺めつつ、 アメリカ領事館を見ながらワシン坂を下ればもう本牧です。 タクシーでギリギリ ワンメーター、 徒歩だと約30分 埼玉から本牧が近くなります。 今のところ本牧に電車はやって来ません。 Starting on March 16 (Sat), you will be able to take a train direct from Motomachi-Chukagai (Yokohama's Chinatown) to Kawagoe or Hanno in Saitama (70km/45mi). Normally by train, you would have to take multiple trains and it would take about 2 hours. This is great news for people that live far as now they won't have to worry about drinking and driving. They can take a train to MOONEYES Area-1/MOON Cafe. Get off at the last stop in Motomachi-Chukagai, take a walking tour of the harbor, see Harbor View Park, the Bay Bridge, continue to the American Consulate building, head down Washinzaka and next thing you know you are in Honmoku. It's about a 30 minute walk. You can also take a taxi of course. Honmoku is now more convenient to access from Saitama. As of now, it's not convenient but almost troublesome to travel by train. The new train route is also 30 minutes faster. newtrain-02 東横線の終点、渋谷駅は地下になるのでこのホームも見納めです。 Last stop on Toyoko-line right now is Shibuya Station. The new track will now be underground so this station will no longer be used. newtrain-03 都会的カラー東横線の車両。 The urban color Toyoko-line train. newtrain-04 こちらも都会的カラーのミナトミライ線の電車です。 3/16以降はちょっと新しいカラーも加わります。 終着駅ってなんとなく感じ良いですね。 The Minatomirai-line train is also metropolitan colored. After 3/16 the trains will have slightly new color schemes. The terminal station has a somewhat good feeling.