n2d-0458 n2d-sign 先週末、 パシフィコヨコハマで Nostalgic 2 Days が開催され沢山の旧車の中になんと NISSAN R381 が展示されていました。 実は 3/20(水)から Area-1 1F で MOON Equipment Company が供給した Weber Down Draft 付き Chevy Small Block を積み 1968年の NIPPON GP で優勝した NISSAN R381 のパネル展を開催します。 この Engine を作ったのはあの Bonneville Racer Fred Larsen、 勿論 Camshaft は Bill Jenks が削った MOON Cam です。 パネル展どうぞお楽しみに!! Last weekend, Nostalgic 2 Days event was held at Pacifico Yokohama. There were a lot of old domestic cars on display and some others too including the legendary NISSAN R381. Interestingly enough, starting March 20 (Wed) at MOONEYES Area-1 (1F), there will be a Panel Gallery featuring the NISSAN R381 that won the 1968 Nippon GP. It was equipped with a MOON Equipment Company supplied Chevy Small Block with a Weber Down Draft setup. The engine was built and prepped by Bonneville Racer Fred Larsen and of course, the camshaft was a MOON Cam created by Bill Jenks. Hope to see you at MOONEYES Area-1 in Honmoku, Yokohama for the Panel Gallery starting 3/20. n2d-0490 n2d-0489 n2d-0488 n2d-0487 n2d-0465 n2d-0595 Crown Classics Booth は 2台の 1JZ Crown を展示 Crown Classics Booth with 2 1JZ Crowns on display.