MQQNEYES USA Open House and Kustom Kulture II at Huntington Museum

usa0713-0108 7/13 (土)、 MQQNEYES USA の Open House が開催されました。 夕方からは Huntington Beach Museum で "Kustom Kulture II" が開催され 忙しい一日となりました。 MQQNEYES Dragster も完成。 On 7/13 (Sat), MQQNEYES USA Open House was held in Santa Fe Springs, CA. In the evening that same day, "Kustom Kulture II" opening reception took place at Huntington Beach Museum. It was a busy day. The MQQNEYES Dragster is also complete again. usa0713-0111 usa0713-0138 歩道はご覧の状態ですが 歩く人もいないので問題ありません。 The sidewalk was crowded as you can see but no one uses them so it wasn't a problem. usa0713-0078 usa0713-0080 usa0713-0132 Dean MQQN の Daughter, Becky & Family も参加してくれました。 Dean MQQN's daughter Becky & family was here too. usa0713-0083 usa0713-0134 usa0713-0148 usa0713-0149 250個の Chico's Burger ハンバーガーはあっと言う間にGone! Over 250 Chico's Burger hamburgers were gone in a flash! usa0713-0192 Pinup Girl and Dean Jr. usa0713-0113 Car Show 状態の Norwalk Blvd. Along Norwalk Blvd. was like a Car Show. usa0713-0114 お隣のハンバーガーショップの駐車場も Car Show です。 The parking lot at the burger shop next door was in Car Show mode too. usa0713-0104 ここもです。 Here too. usa0713-0119 裏側も満杯 The back area was full. usa0713-0120 こちらも and here too. usa0713-0124 usa0713-0127 ハンバーガーショップをぐるりと一周. One lap around the hamburger shop.
usa0713-0258 夕方からは Huntington Beach Museum で "Kustom Kulture II" Grand Opening Party が開催されました。 1992 に Laguna Beach Museum で開催された "Kustom Kulture" 世界中に広がったKustom Kulture は 20年前にこのイベントが開催された事から始まったのです。 In the evening we headed for the Huntington Beach Museum for the grand opening party of "Kustom Kulture II". In 1992, 20 years ago, "Kustom Kulture" was held at the Laguna Beach Museum and propelled Kustom Kulture in the worldwide status that it's known today. usa0713-0377 usa0713-0267 usa0713-0281 M&K Makoto の作品もありました。 勿論 Mr. G の作品もあったのですが 人混みが凄く写真撮れませんでした。 ここに展示されたと言う事は歴史です。 最終日 8/24 には彼らによるデモがあるそうです。 M&K Makoto artwork on display. Of course, Mr. G had artwork on display but the it was too crowded that I couldn't get a good photo. Getting to exhibit artwork at this event is historical. On the last day of this showing, 8/24, I heard they will have a demo. usa0713-0282 Sculpture by Jeff Decker usa0713-0297 usa0713-0276 George Barris! usa0713-0304 usa0713-0308 Robert Williams の作品 Artwork by Robert Williams usa0713-0298 Suzanne Williamsの作品 Artwork by Suzanne Williams usa0713-0299 usa0713-0318 1992 Rat Fink Party は MQQNEYES USA で開催された 1回目の Rat Fink Party です。 In 1992, the very first Rat Fink Party was held at MQQNEYES USA. usa0713-0354 usa0713-0396 Betz Speed & Color!! usa0713-0412 usa0713-005 Old Crow Belly Tank が HCS2013 にやって来ます! And just confirmed, Old Crow Belly Tank will be at HCS2013!