28th SCN 無事終了/28th SCN Finished

scn2014-01 scn2014-02 28回目のSCN無事終了! 心配された天気も皆さんの気持ちが通じ晴天となり、 お青空の下、家族連れの方や、小さいお子さんから大人迄ゆっくり楽しめた事と思います。 今回は会場が昨年より狭くなった分、疲労度も減り助かりました。 また今回はUSA車が大変多くそれも奇麗な車が多かったのが嬉しいかったです。 USAのケーブルTV "Car Crazy"の収録も行われ何時かUSAで放映されるのでしょう。 ゴミも少なく、ご協力ありがとうございました。 あとは飲酒と道路でのLow RiderのHoppingとかが無くなれば大分落ち着いたイベントになると思います。 ご協力ありがとうございました。 これからは Be Calm, Not Loud で行きましょう。 詳しいSCNの模様は近々WebsiteへUpされる予定です。 The 28th annual SCN is finished! I think it was with everyone's participation, the worries about the weather went away and we had excellent weather. There were families with young children to adults having a good day all day. Compared to last year, the event area was smaller which turned out great as it wasn't as tiring to cover the entire grounds. There were a lot of USA cars and all very nice quality which was great to see. The USA cable TV show, "Car Crazy" was filming the show too so we are looking forward to seeing it aired in the near future. Thank you to everyone's support to keep the area clean this year. I think the only thing left would be to get rid of the alcohol drinking and lowrider hopping in the streets and the event would become a much calmer environment. Thank you again for everyone's support. Let's continue the "Be Clam Not Loud" motto. The details and event report for SCN will be posted to our website very soon.
mim13 MIM #13 5月1日(木)全国書店にて発売開始! MQQNEYES では少し早く発売開始。 2014年の Complete Catalog プラス 1950年代からの MQQN Vintage Clothing を一挙に公開。 当時実際に着用されていた写真も掲載されます。 Vintage Clothing だけの記事は沢山ありますが着用写真があるのはあまり見かけません。 Dean MOON が居たからこそ、残せた記録写真の数々を公開します。 見応えありますよ! 価格は 900円、「え!980ではないの?」Yes, 900円(税別) に変更となりました。  MIM #13 will be available for sale at all quality bookstores in Japan on May 1 (Thu)! MQQNEYES shop will get it a little sooner. MOON Illustrated Magazine Vol. 13 features cool articles including MQQN Vintage Clothing as well as the official 2014 complete catalog. There are a lot of vintage clothing books and articles out there but this one features a lot of vintage photos with people wearing them. We used exclusive photos left behind by Dean MOON. It's worth seeing! Price is 900yen (+tax)