明日は SCN

scn2014-poster 明日は 28th Annual Mooneyes Street Car Nationals "SCN" です。 ストカーではありません。SCN (SCN2014) です。 当日、 記念 Tシャツや復興支援ステッカーの販売もあります。 また今年のHCSのキャッチ "Be Calm Not Loud & Shizukani" ステッカーも配布予定です。 SCNも HCSもそしてどのイベントも マナーを守りみんなの協力で存続出来る様にしましょう。 HCSは 騒音が問題ですが SCNは 飲酒です。 飲酒して喧嘩したり、 運転するの止めてくれないかな~。 喧嘩も事故も無く、 楽しいイベントにして下さい。 ご協力宜しくお願いします。 Tomorrow is the 28th Annual Mooneyes Street Car Nationals "SCN" or #SCN2014. It's not "STO-KA" (a common way Japanese abbreviate is by taking the first syllable of a two words and combining them together). Tomorrow there will be a limited edition, event-only T-shirt for sale at the Mooneyes booth as well as a special benefit bumper sticker with proceeds going to charity. We'll also be giving out free HCS2014 catch phrase sticker, "Be Calm Not Loud & Shizukani" to emphasize the issue about the show in December. Whether at SCN, HCS or any event for that matter, it's always best to follow the rules and cooperate. HCS has the noise issue right now and SCN has a alcohol issue. I hope no one is drinking and driving, or drinking and fighting, tomorrow. No fighting, no accidents, let's have a great time tomorrow and a memorable event. Thank you for support and hope to see you in Odaiba, Tokyo! scn2014-t-000_580 arigatai_580 bcnl-ster odaiba-map-parkng2014