hcs2014-0211 hcs2014-0936 3台目の HCS2014 Guest Car は HCS 常連と言っても決して言い過ぎでないGene Winfield が 1962 に製作した Ford Econoline COE Pick Up の "PACIFICA"! なぜか今年は COE が 2台、 暑くて乗れたものではないでしょうけど、 Show Car としては COE は素敵な 1台です。 詳しくはこちらを's_Pacifica_Recreation A 3rd HCS2014 Guest Car has been confirmed. It's a 1962 Ford Econoline cab over (COE) pickup called "PACIFICA" built by Gene Winfield. It's the second COE coming to HCS this year and this one is also a beauty. You can find out more here and be sure not to miss it in person this December at Pacifico Yokohama!'s_Pacifica_Recreation streets_0235 So-Cal Open House の後 Freeway で遭遇した 1969 Camaro RS After SO-CAL Speed Shop's Open House we encountered this 1969 Camaro RS on the freeway. streets_0229 と思ったら New Camaro がガーと抜いて行きました。 Then all of a sudden a New Camaro drove passed. bucket New Item の MQQNEYES Original "Light Duty Bucket" (バケツ) です。 この季節洗車や雑巾掛けに役立ちます。 何と今時珍しい Made in USA and Printed in USA. 5 Gallons = 約20リッターも入ります。 そしてフタ付き、 掃除に疲れたらフタして椅子代わりになります。 MQQNEYES Original "Light Duty Bucket" MG701 2,600円 New item: MQQNEYES Original "Light Duty Bucket" It will be a very useful item in your garage or house this season whether washing your car or mopping the floors. The bucket is made in USA and printed in USA as well. 5 Gal = about 20 liters It also comes with a lid. MQQNEYES Original "Light Duty Bucket" MG701 2,600円