24回 HCS2015開催決定! / 24th HCS2015 Confirmed!

24th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2015 (English is below) 2015年12月6日(日)に開催決定しました。 皆様のご協力のお陰です。 このカルチャーが大切な方々が一丸となった結果です。 本当にありがとうございます! でも来年もバイクで来場出来る訳ではありません。 これからもパシフィコ横浜で続けて行く上で、これが変る事はありません。 ご理解下さい。 来年は今回の二輪騒音対策にプラス会場側からは 「二輪車の騒音に対するクレーム対策を継続すると共に、 路上駐車やゴミ捨てなどの関係者マナー改善に取り組む事」 今度は4輪車も対象になりました。 路上駐車やゴミのポイ捨て等、その日に限った事では無いと思いますが その日に起きた事は全てHCSのせいになります。 今回の近隣からのクレームは 1. 「4輪車による路上駐車」ちなみにVIP系の車が駐車していたそうです。 2. 「周辺地区でのゴミやタバコの投げ捨て」ちなみに会場方向へ走行中の車からゴミが投げられ 横を走行していた車に当たった? そうです. (当人達の問題だと思いますが。。) どちらも何とも言えませんが ショーの週末会場周辺で起きる事は 何でもかんでもこのイベントになすり付けられています。 まるで学校の風紀委員が校門に立っているようです。 最後にこうあります「関係者に対し、路上駐車禁止, ゴミのポイ捨て禁止等のマナー向上について周知徹底をする」 「ゴミのポイ捨て禁止」か~。 これは難しい! 静かにするよりも難しいかもしれません。 来年は路上駐車を排除しながらトングで道に落ちているゴミを拾う事になります。 世直しですね。 これらの課題を真摯に受け止めて、また一緒に乗り越えましょう! ご協力下さい。 2015年は "Save The Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show" savehcs-1000 これを合い言葉にまた皆さんお付き合い下さい。 でも"Be Calm Not Loud" Shizukani を達成したのですから出来ない事はありません。 皆さんご協力宜しくお願い致します!!!
24th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2015 The date has been set for Sunday December 6, 2015. It was all made possible with your support. Everyone that values this culture and lifestyle we are in, came together as one. Thank you very much! Unfortunately, there has been no change for motorcycle riders coming to the show. If we are to continue having this event at Pacifico Yokohama, that part will not change. Hope you can understand. Next year, just as we had to do with motorcycles (2 wheeled vehicles), we were told, "The plan worked to keep noise pollution to a minimum and no complaints were received, but something needs to be done about street parking, manner and trash left behind." We will now have to target all vehicles. I don't believe the street parking and trash left behind was any different than any other day or weekend but on this particular day, HCS becomes responsible for everything. The complaints we did receive from the neighborhood are as follows: 1. "Parking on the street by automobiles (cars)" - There were apparently VIP style cars parked in various areas. 2. "Littering, trash and cigarette butts in the area" - Apparently, a concerned resident reported that a vehicle heading towards the Pacifico threw trash out of the window and it hit a vehicle going in the opposite direction. I can't verify or deny any of these but these were the two main points. Although there were other events taking place in this area, any and all complaints have become our responsibility. Like a hall monitor reporting to the school committee, we are held accountable. Lastly, it will have to be said, "People related to the show (staff, exhibitors, spectators etc.) must not park on the streets, must not litter and must behave with proper manners, although it goes without saying." "No Littering" that's a hard one! It's more difficult that "Be Calm Not Loud" campaign. We can put barricades to prevent street parking but we'll just have to have staff walking around picking up trash all day with tongs. I guess that's world reformation. To take this matter seriously, we will have to work together to make it over this obstacle! Please help us make it happen. savehcs-1000 For 2015, it's "Save The Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show" This will be our catch phrase, our keyword for next year. Let's do this. We were able to overcome the "Be Calm Not Loud" Shizukani campaign so this is not impossible. We can do it together! Thank you for your support.