Cars and Coffee, Morning Cruise が終りました。

cnc_0644 cnc_0645 cnc_0713 アメリカ 南California の話ですが Irvine にある Mazda/Ford 社屋の駐車場を使用し毎週土曜日の朝に開催されていた "Cars and Coffee" が騒音の問題で 12/27/2014(土) を最後に無くなるそうでしたが、 先週 12/20 を最後に終了となりました。 Over in Southern California at the Mazda/Ford company building parking lot in Irvine, for several years every Saturday morning, it was the location of "Cars and Coffee" where rare and even more rare cars would gather. They announced earlier, because of neighboring complaints, that 12/27, 2014 (Sat) would be their last holding but after 12/20 (Sat), they announced the sudden end of "Cars and Coffee". エキゾティックカーが沢山集まるこのイベントでも近隣からの騒音クレームで中止に追いやれてしまうそうです。 いい音でもウルサイものはウルサイと、ま、「騒音」と言えばそうですね。 主催者は "keep their revs low" and a strict "no burnout" を唱って注意喚起を行ってきたそうです。 しかも警察も協力しています。 にも関わらずこう言う事態になってしまったそうです。 これらの問題は日本だけではありません。 この場所はかつて OCIR, Drag Race 場があった所で OCIR も近隣の住宅開発事業等から閉鎖となり そして Cars and Coffee も同じ様な理由で中止となってしまいます。 自分達の趣味を活かすも殺すも自分達次第ですね。 The main reason was the noise from the many exotic cars that would gather at this event. Whether the sounds is from an exotic car or not, nice sounding noise is still noise to some people. The organizers had a strict "low rev" "no burnout" policy. There were always police on the scene too. Despite all this, complaints still came in. The noise pollution isn't just a Japanese thing. This area is close to where OCIR, Drag Race area was and that was ultimately closed down from the neighborhood developments and it's possible that Cars and Coffee was closed for the same reason. This really shows that this hobby we love, whether it lives or dies depends on us. Cars and Coffee To Be Permanently Shut Down Cars and Coffee in Irvine, Ca is a grassroots cruise-in that has grown to become the premier spot to see world’s rarest and most unique cars on a weekly basis. Auto enthusiasts from all over the world have flocked to the Mazda/Ford HQ parking lot to browse the rows and rows of cars. Over the last year, noise complaints have been threatening to shut down Cars and Coffee for good. Organizers constantly ask patrons to "keep their revs low" and a strict "no burnout" policy has been in place since its conception. Even police would congregate to the exit on a weekly basis to ensure the safety of spectators. It seems the noise and growing land development in the area has finally put an end to Cars and Coffee. The cruise-in’s Facebook page posted that December 27th, 2014 will be their last event. Much speculation has arisen about where and if Cars and Coffee will be relocated, but no definite word has been given yet. -UPDATE- 12/21/2014 After an unprecedented massive turn out to this past Saturday’s Cars and Coffee, the plug has been pulled one week early. Instead of the official last show on December 27th, Southern California’s most iconic car show has come to an end. Read the official update below.