sembaevent Title: SEMBA'S VINTAGE HARLEY EXHIBITION Location: MQQN GARAGE & MQQN Cafe in Honmoku, Yokohama Date: Sunday March 8, 2015 10AM - 8PM (ONE DAY ONLY) 大阪のビンテージハーレーの殿堂 “SEMBA”(船場) が3月8日(日)に Honmoku Yokohama の MQQNEYES へやって来る! 30年代のナックルヘッドから40〜50年代のパンヘッド、さらにミュージアムクラスの10〜20年代の車両をMQQN GARAGE にて展示し、歴史的価値の高い本物のVINTAGE HARLEYをご覧頂けます。 MOONEYES Area-1 、MQQN Cafe にてお食事、お買いものを楽しみながら VINTAGE HARLEY をゆっくりご鑑賞ください。VINTAGE HARLEY ファン必見の SEMBA’S VINTAGE HARLEY EXHIBITION。どうぞお見逃しなく! SEMBA’S VINTAGE HARLEY EXHIBITION 日時:3月8日(日) 10:00am ~ 8:00pm 場所:MOONEYES Area-1 MQQN GARAGE内 We have a special news bulletin this week. On Sunday March 8, 2015 (ONE DAY ONLY) here at MOON Garage and MOON Cafe in Honmoku, Yokohama, the Osaka based vintage Harley shop called SEMBA will be hosting an exhibition featuring vintage classic Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This is a one day exhibition taking place all day with a handful of awesome classics only from SEMBA. Don't miss SEMBA'S VINTAGE HARLEY EXHIBITION. That's Sunday March 8, 2015 here are MOONEYES in Honmoku, Yokohama. Come on down and see these rare beauties. Stay a while and hang out at MOON Cafe with other vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. Map to MOONEYES: For more information, contact: SEMBA: 06-6787-1008 ( MOONEYES: 045-623-5959 ( 001_1 002_1 003_1 004_1 005_1 006_1