49-54 Reflections & Expressions

santamaria_215 Santa Maria で目撃した HCS2015 のテーマ "49-54 Reflections & Expressions" 達です。 These are the cars I saw at Santa Maria that would fit for our HCS2015 theme "49-50 Reflections & Expressions". 49-54 Reflections & Expressions 1949年から1954年までのUSA車が対象となります。今までSpotlightが当たる機会が少なかった Model というイメージがありますが、Custom, Low Rider, Gasser... 様々なスタイルにモディファイされた魅力的な車両が多いので今から楽しみです。 Pickup Trucks は対象車外となります。 49-54 Reflections & Expressions 1949-1954 American cars is the focus of this spotlight. Until now, most spotlights were targeted to specific models or types of vehicles but this spotlight leaves it open to customs, lowriders, gassers and more! There are so many possibilities for ’49-’54 makes and models it will surely be major highlight of the show. This spotlight section does not include pickup trucks regardless of year.   santamaria_138 santamaria_142 santamaria_143 santamaria_145 santamaria_146 santamaria_147 santamaria_153 santamaria_155 santamaria_156 santamaria_162 santamaria_169 santamaria_174 santamaria_181 santamaria_182 santamaria_184 santamaria_189 santamaria_193 santamaria_195 santamaria_196 santamaria_199 santamaria_214 santamaria_219 santamaria_229