Genuine MQQN Pocket Ashtray

USA 出張に同行中の "Pan" Sumi-kun が Machine Shop に飛び込んで来て 「MQQN Tank の携帯灰皿が欲しい」 と言い出し、 それならと Tim and Chico が何と Pan-kun の願いを叶えてくれたのです。 この間僅か 1時間と言う早さでした。 Here together on a USA Trip from Japan is "Pan" Sumi. He came flying into the machine shop saying, "I want a MQQN Tank pocket ashtray." Then Tim and Chico listened to his request and decided to make one. It took about one hour to produce.   machineshop-1 検討中 Planning and reviewing   machineshop-2 筒はその辺に転がっていた物をべースに MQQN Oil Tank に使う Cap & Bung を溶接する事に決定。 They found a spare tube part to use as the base, then decided to weld on a Cap & Bung that's used on our MQQN Oil Tank.   machineshop-3 Tim が底の部分を製作中 Tim working on the bottom part of the tube.   machineshop-4 溶接中の Tim Tim welding it together.   machineshop-5 出来上がった物に MQQN Aluminum Products の特徴の一つ、 "Sun Ray Finish" を施しています。 This is the finished MQQN Aluminum Product. They also gave it our "Sun Ray Finish".   machineshop-6 pocketashtray01 Cap が筒より大きかったので同じ大きさに削り完成です。 ステッカーは取り敢えず "Breather" のを貼りました。 The cap was initially too big for the tube body so it was shaved down to match. We added a sticker to make it official using our "Breather" label.   pocketashtray03 Genuine MQQN Pocket Ashtray の完成です。 これはあくまでも試作品です。 Genuine MQQN Pocket Ashtray is complete. For the time being, this is just a prototype.