LA Roadster Show 2015

51st LA Roadster Show 主催者の高齢化が進むこのイベントは 朝7時に始まり、午後4時 (16時) に終了。 早く終わるので何ともありがたいイベントです。 マレーシアは10時~18時, インドネシアは10時~22時、 スエーデンは9時~ 何と翌朝の2時頃(北欧の夏は陽が沈まないので何時までも出来ます). HCSは9時~17時ですが 今年から 朝8時スタート に変更しようか思案中です。 Possibly because of the aging population of the organizer, the event begins at 7am and ends at 4pm. However, I am thankful the event does end early. In Malaysia the event was from 10am to 6pm and Indonesia it's 10am to 10pm. While attending an event in Sweden, that one started at 9am and ended at 2am (the sun doesn't go down in some parts of Scandinavia during the summer). HCS is from 9am to 5pm but I'm considering whether or not to start at 8am instead.   laroadstershow-52 laroadstershow-73