Dark Custom by H-D Japan

dark-custom-01 dark-custom-02 H-D Japan が開催した "Dark Custom" Reborn in Tokyo H-D Japan held an event called "Dark Custom" Reborn in Tokyo earlier this week.   dark-custom-03 dark-custom-04 dark-custom-05 dark-custom-06 dark-custom-07 dark-custom-08 dark-custom-09 dark-custom-10 dark-custom-11 dark-custom-12 新発売された水冷 Street 750 の販売プロモーションとして海外メディアを迎え東京芝浦で開催されました。 12/6(日) 開催の Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show でも展示予定です。 It is part of their ongoing promotion for their new water-cooled Street 750 and the party we attended was for guest and media, many from abroad. They will also be attending the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show this year on December 6 (Sun).   dark-custom-13 dark-custom-14 dark-custom-15 dark-custom-16 dark-custom-17 dark-custom-18 dark-custom-19 dark-custom-20 dark-custom-21 展示してたこの Street 750 Wildman が Pinstriping Demo しました。 Wildman did a pinstriping demo on a Street 750 on display at the event.   dark-custom-22 dark-custom-23 dark-custom-24 dark-custom-25 dark-custom-26 dark-custom-27 dark-custom-28 dark-custom-29 dark-custom-30 dark-custom-31 dark-custom-32 途中で照明が消えてしまい、これこそまさに Custom in the Dark! While pinstriping, the lights went out to display the black light, becoming Custom in the Dark!