30th SCN

DSC_1352 30回目のSCNまであと数日。 MQQNEYES の T-2 も予定通りの進行です。 今回の SCN はエントリーも沢山、 会場はパンパン状態が予想されます。 入場に時間が掛かると思います。 腹は立てずに横にしてお並び下さい。 宜しくお願い致します。 30回目の記念です。 皆さんと心優しく過ごしましょう。 また会場周辺を走り回ったり、騒音を出したり, 車の片側を上げて走ったり、飛んだり しそうな知り合いの方がいたら 5/15(日)はやめてくれ と優しくお伝えください。 それで会場でお会いしましょう! A few more days before the 30th SCN in Odaiba, Tokyo. The MQQNEYES T-2 is going as planned too. The number of entries for this year are more than ever before so the event area will be completely full. We please ask for your cooperation as it will take a long time to get the cars situated and all in the right place. Thank you for your patience. It's the 30th Anniversary this year. Let's all enjoy the day together and have a great time. Also, for drivers and cars outside the perimeter of the event, please be sure to refrain from getting crazy on the streets and if you know of anyone like that, please let them know not to do it around the Odaiba, Tokyo area on Sunday May 15 near our event. Thank you very much. We appreciate your support. Hope to see you all there.