5/15(日)は30回目のSCN / May 15 (Sun) is the 30th SCN

5/15(日)は30回目のSCNです。そして5/17(火)は横浜元町にMQQNEYESが出来て30年。 30回/30年を記念して5/15(日)のSCN会場では30周年記念グッズを販売します。 お楽しみに!! 詳しい SCN2016 イベント情報は Official Website へ: SCN (SCN2016) will be held on Sunday May 15, 2016 in Odaiba, Tokyo. Then on Tuesday May 17, 2016 MQQNEYES in Japan celebrates its 30th Anniversary. The 30th Annual/30th Anniversary, be sure to head over to the MQQNEYES booth and check out the limited edition 30th Anniversary items that will go on sale beginning that day. Hope to see you all there! Please view the official website for complete details about SCN2016: 30th-sticker cm135-000 CS028-000 fm151-000 fm152-000 mg742ye-000 mg130bk30-000 mg130gcbk30-000 mg057bk30-000 mg743-000 mg744ye-000 mg745-000 mg746-000 mg747-000 mg748ye-000 mg749-000 mg751-000 mg752-000 mg753-000 mkr154ye-000 qmg025-001 tm687-000 tmc687-000 tmg687-000