Jim Dunn Racing / MQQNEYES Funny Car

01_9973 03_9859 Designed by "Pan" Sumi, MQQNEYES Staff の Sumi-kun がデザインした Funny Car。 現地で大好評でした。 しかしながらレースの結果と言うと "DNQ" 予選通過出来ませんでした。 4回ある予選のどれ一つ満足な走りが出来ず、Design 負けてしまいました。 For the 2016 World Finals, the Jim Dunn Racing funny car was designed by MQQNEYES Staff Sumi "Pan". It was very popular with the spectators. However, the car itself didn't do as well with a "DNQ" Did Not Qualify result. There are 4 qualifying rounds but sadly the design was defeated.   02_9858 04_9863 05_9887 06_9883 Crew Shirt も New Style で、これもまた大好評! The Crew Shirt was also a new style and very popular!   07_9930 Crew T-Shirt、 こちらは MQQNEYES USA の Website で事前注文を受け付け中です (リンク)。 The Crew T-shirt is also available from the MQQNEYES USA online store for a limited time (LINK).   08_0213 09_9908 金曜日 予選2回目 かなり良い走りでしたが途中でフロントが浮いしまい 残念な結果になってしまいました。 On Friday during the second pass it was a good run but halfway through the front lifted and resulted in the loss.   10_0242   11_9961 12_9835 デザインに合わせて MQQNEYES Dragster を展示しました。 We brought the MQQNEYES Dragster for display to match the body design of the funny car.   13_0184 14_9841 MQQNEYES Trailer も New です。 まだ室内は出来上がっていません。 We also have a new MQQNEYES Trailer. The interior is still being finished up.   15_0032 16_9925 19_0011 17_9923 18_9959 20_9971 21_9975 Jim Dunn Racing / MQQNEYES Funny Car T shirt and event sticker   22_9904 Jim Dunn's grand daughter "Johnna" will drive Alcohol Dragster in 2017 Season. They are really Drag Racing Family.