31st SCN and 2nd Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show 2017

31st SCN 無事終了です。 雨も降らず また事故も無く そして皆さんの笑顔が見れて嬉しかったです。 ゆっくりと時間が流れていくイベントに育って来ました。 ありがとうございます。 来年までは同じ場所で開催が可能と聞いていますが ま、その時が来るまでは断定できません。 同じ週末タイ、バンコクでは2回目となる Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show が開催されていました。 The 31st SCN finished without any issues. I am happy to say that it didn't rain, there were no accidents reported and I got to see everybody with big smiles. It's nice to see this event has evolved into a slow laid back day. Thank you very much. Although we have heard that we can use the same place next year, we'll wait until then to confirm. Rumors are circulating about construction there for the Olympics in 2020. During the same weekend as SCN, it was the 2nd Bangkok Hot Rod Custom Show held in Bangkok, Thailand.   タイから羽田に到着、タクシーで会場に向かうと偶然にもSCNヘ向かう方々が。。 I arrived at Haneda Int'l Airport from Thailand and by chance, I saw a couple cars heading for SCN while I took a taxi to the event area in Odaiba, Tokyo.   MQQNEYES Staffの車です。 These are a few of the MQQNEYES Staff owned cars.   SCN前日土曜日は バンコクHCSに参加してきました。 A day before SCN on Saturday, I participated in Bangkok HCS.   タイの Car Scene はレベルが高いです。 この Merc は "Thor Chops and Customs" Shop が製作。 彼 (Thor) はタイのカスタムカーの第一人者です。 The car build quality and custom car scene in Thailand is high. This Merc was built by Thor Chops and Customs shop. Thor is the top custom car builder in Thailand.   時間経つにつれて来場者も増えて来ます。 As it got later in the day, the attendance grew.   会場オープンは12時 終わりが23時。 スタート時間が全く違うのです。 開演早々来場者もまばらな中 ライドインかと思ったら ライドインのリハーサルでした。 夕方になると次第い人が増えて来るのはやはち日中が暑すぎるからでしょうか? ライドインは4時頃に開催されました。 The event opens at 12pm and goes until 11pm. The start time is completely different there. As soon as the event began, there were hardly any people and what I thought was the "Ride In" was just a rehearsal. As afternoon set in, people began to arrive which it could be because it's too hot? The actual "Ride In" was around 4pm.   タイの人気俳優、Mario君のChevyです。 Mario, a popular Thai actor owns this Chevy.   MQQNEYES Pickは 37 Fordへ。 Thor Chops and Customs Shopで一から製作された車です。 MQQNEYES Pick went to this '37 Ford. It was built completely by Thor Chops and Customs.   MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok (MSB) のブース。 MQQNEYES Japan (MOJ) のブースも何とかしないといけません。 The MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok (MSB) booth. We need to do something about the MQQNEYES Japan (MOJ) booth.   目に入ったのサニーの Drag Race Car. Tub が綺麗にできています。 This Datsun Sunny drag race car caught my eye. The tub was made very well.   Hotel の送迎車 This was the hotel courtesy car.   Born Free にいそうな感じの Shovel. This Shovel looked like something you would see at Born Free Show.     Chevy Truckのオーナーで人気俳優のMario君は Wildmanデザインの横浜ベイスターズTシャツに Kustom Style の Beanie. Yokohama Fan? This is the Chevy truck owner and famous actor Mario wearing a Yokohama Baystars T-shirt designed by Wildman and a Kustom Style beanie. Is he a Yokohama fan?   Monster Nash and his team.   MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok (MSB)、遊びに行って下さい。 AC がガンガン効いていますよ。 If you get a chance, please visit MQQNEYES Shop Bangkok (MSB). Their A/C works really well.   MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #19 全国書店好評発売中! MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #19 is now available at all quality bookstores in Japan.