今週末は盛りだくさん/Many Things This Weekend

今週末は盛りだくさんです。 There are many things going on this weekend.   MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #19 本日全国の一般書店で発売開始です。 もちろん MOONEYES Website、 各MOONEYES Dealer でも購入出来ます。 MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM) #19 It will go on sale at all quality bookstores throughout Japan beginning today. Of course, it will be available for order on Mooneyes online stores and from Mooneyes Dealers as well.   そして明日は31回目の Street Car Nationals (SCN) 東京お台場でお待ちしてます!! SCNで会場でMIM #19をお求め下さい。 それから今年は 31回目 と言う事なので 31アイスクリーム が出店です。 有料入場の際、お渡しするチケットの末尾2桁が "31"の方には なんとFree アイスクリームを進呈致します。 お楽しみに! Tomorrow is the 31st Annual Street Car Nationals (SCN). We will be waiting for you in Odaiba, Tokyo!! Be sure to stop by the Mooneyes booth and get the new MIM#19 there. Being that this is the 31st this year, we have a special appearance by 31-ice cream (Baskin-Robbins). You will receive an admission ticket stub for each paid entry. If there's the number "31" within the ticket number sequence, you can trade it in for a free ice cream at their booth. Looking forward to Sunday!