Born-Free 12

昨年 中止だったBorn-Free Show (BF)が今年は開催されました。何時もなら6月末の開催ですが、今年は2ヶ月遅れて8月末の開催となりました。 毎年 BFから年末のHCS開催へ向けて色々進めて行くのですが今年のHCSは海外から日本への人の移動が可能か不可能か現時点では分からない状態です。通常であればBFで選ばれたBest Invited Builder and Best of Show WinnerをHCSヘ招待していますがハッキリしない事が多いので今年のHCSへの招待は見送り、2022年のHCSへBF 2022のWinnerと一緒に招待できれば思っています。

The Born-Free Show (BF) was held this year, which was canceled last year. Usually, it is held at the end of June but, this year it was held at the end of August. Every year we start to prepare for HCS from BF but, at this point, we are still unclear either people from overseas can visit Japan. Normally, the winner of Best Invited Builder and Best of Show Winner are invited to HCS. Although, because of the current situation, we hope that we can invite to HCS2022 with the Winner of BF2020.

Invited Builder のコーナー。

Invited Builder Area

久しぶりの2 days Event 疲れました!

It's been a long time since I've been to a 2-day Event, and I'm exhausted!

最新のポスター "Pre-30th Anniversary”とある様に今回のHCS 2021は Pre-Partyの様な感じで2022年 海外からの多くの方々と Official 30th Showを迎えられたら良いなって思っています。だから”PRE”となっています。

The latest poster design is “Pre-30th Anniversary”, therefore, this time’s HCS2021 is like a Pre-Party, and I hope that we can celebrate the Official 30th Show together in 2022. So, I will be using “PRE”.

土曜日に Best Invited Builderが選ばれます。
今年は Jake Wreesman from Ventura, CA.

The Best Invited Builder will be selected on Saturday.
This year is Jake Wreesman from Ventura, CA.

日曜日、Best of Show Award発表され、何と今年は2名です!どちらも素敵で一台には絞れきれなかったそうです。Christian Newman from Buffalo, NY(left) and Hawke Lawshe, Kalispell Mt.
Hawkeは2018, 2019にもHCSにBFのwinnerとして来ていますので今回で3回目です!

Sunday, the Best of Show Award is announced and this year is two winners! Both of them were wonderful and they couldn’t narrow down the winner.
Christian Newman from Buffalo, NY(left) and Hawke Lawshe, Kalispell Mt.
Hawke has already been invited in 2018 and 2019 HCS as the BF winner and this is the 3rd time!


Usually, there are more Japanese Vendors, but this time there were only a few! It might be difficult to go outside while there is a 14-day quarantine back in Japan. Why do they have this quarantine, even if you are vaccinated?


He was the only one in this venue who had a towel wrapped around his neck, which is a style often seen in Japan.