1st Annual MQQNEYES New Year's Party 2022

2018年12月開催したMQQNEYES Christmas Party at Irwindale Speedway以来 実に4年振りとなったMQQNEYES USA主催イベントが先週土曜日1月22日, 名前もMQQNEYES New Year’s PartyとなりIrwindale Speedwayで開催する事が出来ました。

2019年は 2018年開催時に起きた問題でCity, Police and Speedwayからの強い要請で開催を見送り、Home Track だったIrwindale Speedwayでの開催が難しくなり会場探しに奔走し、一時はPomona Fair Ground で開催なんて話は大きくなって行ったのでした。そんな時、Fontana Speedwayから使用許可が出たので2020年3月 Fontana Speedwayで開催予定で進んでいました。

がなんと! Californiaではこの時期からCOVID-19が爆発的に流行りだし開催日の数日前に開催を急遽中止する事になってしまったのでした。 2021年夏過ぎ頃まではご存知の様に何かを開催できる状況では無く、世の中もようやく落ち着き始めた秋になり今回のEventを開催する準備を始めた所、あてにしていたFontana SpeedwayのDrag Race Trackの閉鎖が決まってしまい また場所探しとなったのです。ダメ元でIrwindaleに聞いたら12月はダメだけど1月ならOKとの話を貰え、またMQQNEYES EventのHome Trackで開催が出来たのでした。

しかしそうこうしているうちに新たなOmicronが流行し、12月始めのHCS 2021の際はまだそれ程ではありませんでしたがその後High Speedで蔓延しだし、1月にはLAでは4人に1人は罹っていると言う位の大感染となり、初期では入場者数の上限制限等の制約はありませんでしたが、開催が近づくにつれ変わって行き、結局上限5,000人迄となっての開催となりました。チケットは前売りのみ、当日売りは無し、と今までに例のない開催方法でしたが仕方ありません感染拡大防止の為です。天気も良く、久しぶりのイベントを皆Enjoyしている様でした。こんな状況下ですがマスクをしている人はほぼいませんでした。こうなるとマスクするのがし辛い!でもしてます。

Last Saturday, January 22nd we were able to hold the MOONEYES USA organized event "MQQNEYES New Year's Party",  for the first time in four years, from the last MQQNEYES Christmas Party at Irwindale Speedway in December 2018.

For 2019, due to a problem that occurred in 2018, City, Police, and Speedway strongly requested the event not be held, and it became difficult to hold the event at our Home Track Irwindale Speedway. And we were struggling to find the venue, and at one point, the plan got bigger that event will be held at the Pomona Fair Ground. At that time, Fontana Speedway gave us permission to use the track in March 2020, and we were working for it.

However, around this time in California, there was a pandemic of COVID-19, and we suddenly had to cancel the event a few days before the event date.  As you know, until the end of Summer 2021, it was not a situation to hold an event and when the pandemic gradually calm down we were preparing for this event. Although the Drag Race Track of Fontana Speedway was closed and when we asked Irwindale, we couldn't get permission for December we were able to get it for January. and able to hold the MQQNEYES Event at the Home Track.

Meanwhile, the new Omicron started to spread and when we held the HCS2021 around early December it was not that much, but it spread at High Speed after that. On January 1 of 4 people in the LA caught it, and in the beginning there were no limitations for the admission but as the date got closer the rules changed and, as a result, it was limited to a max of 5,000 people. The ticket was an advance ticket only, no ticket at the gate and this was the first time to hold the event with this strategy. But that's just the way it is, to prevent the further spread of the virus. It was a nice day and everyone seemed to Enjoy the event. Although in this situation, there were not many people wearing a mask. So I felt awkward wearing a mask but I kept wearing it. Be Safe!

Photo by Zap