30th Anniversary Yokohama HCS 2022

30th (30回目)今年 2022年に開催します!

COVID-19の収束をかすかに期待し今年は30thを多くの方を迎えて出来るか?どうか?と言う曖昧な雰囲気も、今回のウクライナ情勢で特に海外の方々を迎えての30thはさらに分からなくなってしまいました。いつ迄も先の見えない不確かな事の結末を待ってもCOVID-19だけならまだしも、戦争まで始まった今, 30th を先送りしても本当にいつ出来るのか分かりません。ので今年 30th をやっちゃいましょう!! MOONEYES USAも30thですしね!

30th will be held in 2022!
It's now decided!!

Hoping that the COVID-19 will calm are we able to invite many people? It is still an ambiguous situation and, in addition to that the ongoing Ukraine situation, we are still not sure if we can invite people from overseas. If we are just waiting for this uncertain situation to change and postponing the 30th, we don't know when we can do it. So, let's do the 30th this year!! MOONEYES USA is also 30th!

Catch Copy: “Peace" “ピース”
COVID-19で歪んだしまった社会、そして戦争が、皆で本当に一体になって “Peace" です。

Distorted society by the COVID-10, and War, let there be "Peace".

Car Show Spotlight-1: "90 years of Deuce "
1932~2022年 90年になる1932 Ford Model B “Deuce”が対象です。

1932-2022 is the 90th anniversary of the 1932 Ford Model B "Deuce" is the subject.
10 years later will be the 100th year, hoping to do something.

Car Show Spotlight-2: “Muscle MOPAR!”
1974年まで(同型車なら以降の年式でもOK)の MOPAR を対象です。

Subjected to MOPAR until 1974 (if it's the same model, later year is OK).
I want to see many CQQL MOPAR gathered!!

Motorcycle Show Spotlight: “ Unforgettable Side Valve”
Harley-Davidson, Indian, 陸王等の Side Valve 車が対象になります。今までなぜ無かったの?と言う感じですがオイル漏れが無い様にお願い致します。

Subjected to Harley-Davidson, Indian, Rikuo, and other Side Valve motorcycles.
Why wasn't there one before? Please be careful with leaking oil.

Custom Paint Contest: “Magic of Mirror !”
Base は主催者側で用意(有償です)した鏡(アクリル製)へのカスタムペイントコンテストになります。
サイズ: (H)48cm x (W) 40cm 厚さ3mm

The base will be an acrylic mirror, prepared(charged) from us.
It will be displayed as a wall hanging.
Size: (H)48cm x (W) 40cm thickness 3mm



How about the people from overseas? It is still uncertain until the time comes. There are uncertain things but we will start moving for the 30th. We are looking forward to your support!

Let's get moving!