HCS 2022

ポスターデザインも決まり、色々と進行し始めまたHCS 2022 (Rodショーじゃない)です。

The poster design is not completed and several things started to move for HCS2022 (It’s not Rod Show).
でもその前に 34th SCN が5/15 (日), お台場東京で開催されます。3年ぶりとなるSCN (ストカーじゃない)今回のエントリー数は Car ShowもSwap Meetも2019年並となりそうです。前回同様、搬入ゲートは3カ所開ける予定ですが入場時間によっては混雑が期待されます。クラブ単位、車種別展示等、出来るだけ対応するつもりですが まず近隣の渋滞を緩和する事が最優先。その為に必ずしも御希望通りにならない場合もありますが 楽しい1日の始まりですから搬入ゲートで色々始まらずおおらかに、何か一言, 言いたいなと思ったら ”貝” になった心境で入場をお願いします。始まりが優しいと素晴らしい1日なる事間違い無しです。ご協力をお願いします。

Before that on May 15th(Sun), there will be 34th SCN at Odaiba, Tokyo. It is the first time in 3 years to hold the SCN and this year’s number of registrations will be almost the same as 2019, for the Car Show and Swap Meet. There will be 3 carry-in gates, the same as last time but, depending on the time of entry it might get crowded. We will try to do our best to exhibit by car type, and car clubs but our first priority is to prevent the neighboring traffic congestion. Therefore, we might not meet your request, but it's the start of a wonderful day so, if there is something you want to say, please be a shell and be calm for entry. If you can be kind at the start of your day, it will definitely be a wonderful day.Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
今回で9回目になるキャンペーンステッカーは Peace! 皆で揉め事なく平和にPeaceです。搬入の際もPeaceサインで行きましょう!!

The 9th campaign sticker is Peace! Let’s all go in Peace without any trouble. During the carry-in let’s be Peace!!

At the Show Venue and Shop, please support us to take the campaign photo.

HCS2022 Official Hashtags

These stickers will be distributed from the SCN venue.
日本はまだGate Wayを完全にはOpenしていないので海外から人々が入国出来ませんが12月頃には緩和されている事を期待します。

This time’s design!Currently, the GateWay is not completely open in Japan, and people from overseas cannot come in but, we are hoping that it will get better around December.

The poster for sale is also completed.

Printed in USA
Promotion用バナーもPrinted USA!
このGas Globeの販売ですか?検討中です。

The promotion banner is also Printed in the USA!This Gas Globe will be on sale? We are currently deciding.

話し全く変わって、MQQN Cafeで提供中のFortune Cookieがオリジナルになりました。おみくじも一新! 50種類あります(内容的にはおみくじではありませんが)。 Fortune Cookieが付くメニューも拡大しました。

The topic will completely be changed and MQQN Cafe’s Fortune Cookie has turned to Original. The Omikuji(Fortune-telling paper) are all new! There are 50 types (Some of the sayings may not be Omikuji). And we have added a menu that comes with a Fortune Cookie.
また話は変わってMOONEYES USA 8月で30周年と迎えます。その30th記念Tシャツ!MOONEYES USA で発売中。ご希望の方は通販にて取り寄せも可能です。July 9thはMOONEYES USAのOpen Houseです。

The topic is changing again and in August, MOONEYES USA will reach its 30th Anniversary. And this is the 30th Anniversary commemorative T-shirt! It is available at MOONEYES USA. If you wish to purchase, you can backorder from mail order. On July 9th, there will be the MOONEYES USA Open House.
最後は お爺さん達とご近所のFlat-4さんをVisit !徒歩10分、タクシーならOneメーター、車で数分の距離です。A-1にお越しの際は是非お尋ね下さい。尚、ご近隣は清楚な住宅街です、静かにお願いします。

Last but not least, we went to visit neighboring Flat-4! 10 minutes walk, if using a taxi about One-meter, and a few minutes away by using a car. If you are coming to Area-1, please visit them too. The neighborhood around the shop is a neat and clean residential area so, please be quiet.