Chevy Vanはかなり使い込んだので8月のBonnevilleを最後にリタイアの予定だったので2020 の Merceds Sprinter 2500 と 同じく2020の Ford Transit Connectを購入しました。これからMOON Discを付けたり、色々あります。でもMercedsが大きすぎ日常Willcallに出るのは不便なのでChevy Vanを取っておくか?とも思っています。

因みにガソリンは$7.00/Gallonって事は、今の円安だど 1リッター当り限りなく250円に近いです。ガソリン車に乗っている場合ではありませんね。

A relatively latest (not brand new) Van has joined MUI.
We have used Chevy Van for a long time so, we were thinking it to be retired after Bonneville in August. And bought a 2020 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 and a 2020 Ford Transit Connect.
From now on, we have many things to do, such as installing MOON Discs.
However, the Mercedes was too large and it is inconvenient to use for Willcall and others so, we are wondering if to keep the Chevy Van.

In addition, gas is $7.00/Gallon, which means it is now a weak yen and if it's 1 liter, it is almost about 250yen.
This is not the time to be driving a gas-powered car.

#1533はDry Sumpに変更です。でもSpeed Weekまで2ヶ月ありません。

#1533 is changing to Dry Sump. There is less than 2 month to Speed Week.