35th Anniversary MOONEYES Street Car Nationals®

35th Anniversary MOONEYES Street Car Nationals®
May 14, 2023 at Aomi Parking Odaiba, Tokyo
2023年 5月14日(日)にお台場 青海臨時駐車場で開催する 35th Anniversary MOONEYES Street Car Nationals® 開催まで一カ月を切りました。今回も沢山のエントリーを頂き、Car Show エリアは 1,000台オーバーとなりました。今回も搬入、搬出にお時間を頂く事が予想されます。どうぞ腹を横にしてスタッフの誘導をお待ちください。


Less than a month until the 35th Anniversary MOONEYES Street Car Nationals® that will be held on Sunday, May 14th. We are glad to announce for many entries and there are over 1,000 cars in the Car Show. We might take time for carry in/out so, please be patient.

Credentials are scheduled to send around next weekend.

SCN 会場内の MOONEYES ブース近くでは、2回目の崎陽軒とのコラボになる Wildman 石井がデザインしたスペシャルパッケージ仕様のムーンアイズ オリジナル崎陽軒 ピラフ弁当が登場します。Lunch Time に是非お立ち寄りください。



価格: 1,000円(税込)

The Kiyoken x MOONEYES Bento Box which was popular at the HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2019 has come back at the MOONEYES Street Car Nationals!For this event it is the Special Bento Box of Pilaf, featuring the Special Package designed by Wildman will be released.

Pilaf Bento Box A pilaf with a full-fledged taste that is delicious even when cold and has a bouillon of seafood.Not only Yokohama's specialty Shiumai but also Western-style side dishes such as Napolitan(Japanese Ketchup Pasta) and crab cream croquette are packed in this Bento.

Pilaf (topping: Green Peas), 3 Old-fashioned Shiumai, Napolitan(Japanese Ketchup Pasta), Crab Cream Croquette, Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Carrot Salad, Sautéed Spinach

Price: 1,000yen(incl. tax)
Limited quantity, it will end as soon as the stock is gone.

35th Anniversary MOONEYES Street Car Nationals® にお車でお越しの方は、青海東臨時駐車場をご利用ください。早朝7:00am よりご利用頂けます。

その他 公共駐車場 の利用をご希望の方は、各自お調べください。

Parking までの道のり
1. 船の科学館交差点を曲がり Street Car Nationals® 会場を左手に見て直進
2. 青海1丁目交差点を直進
3. 東京湾岸アンダー出口を左折
4. 一番左車線の側道を抜けて Parking に入場してください。

会場まで徒歩 13分 (1.1km)

収容台数 1041台(バス66台含む)
料金 普通車当日1回/1,600円(税込)
バス・大型車 当日1回/3,500円(税込、予約不可)

※夜間 留め置き1回 /8,000 円( 駐車料金 +夜間留め置き料金・ 税込 、予約不可 )
 21時まで入庫可能、以降翌朝 7時までゲート閉鎖(入出庫不可)



Public Parking Info
If you are coming by your car, please use the 青海東臨時駐車場 (Aomi East Temporary Parking). It will be available from 7 AM in the morning.

If you are using other parking, please look it up yourself.

Route to the parking
1. Turn at the intersection of the Museum of Maritime Science, and go straight by seeing the SCN venue on your left.
2. Go straight through the Aomi 1-chome intersection.
3. Turn left at Tokyo Wangan Under Exit.
4.Enter the parking by going through the left lane.

13(1.1km) minutes walk to the venue.

Capacity: 1,041 cars (including 66 buses)
Price: 1,600yen(incl. tax)/each
Bus/Large-size Cars 3,500yen(incl. tax)/each(No reservations)

※Night time 8,000yen(incl. tax/No reservations)
Entry available until 9PM, Gate Closed until 7 AM on the next morning(No Entry/Exit)

Business Hours
7:00 AM ~ 9:00 PM(Depends by situations)
Motorcycle Parking Available(Free)

※It will not be available when it gets full.
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