32nd Yokohama HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW Spotlight

今年は「行動に対する制限」からも本格的に解放され、各国のDoorもWide Openとなりました。


This year we finally got liberated from the [Restrictions on Actions] and each country's Door is now Wide Open.

To allow people around the world to [Fun the Reunion] and Fun [New Encounters] freely, we are once again aiming for Pacifico Yokohama this year.

Fun Together! “Tanoshimi Masho!”

皆でHCS(Hot Rod Custom Show)を楽しみましょう!
そう、2024年は、Fun Together! です。

Let's have Fun Together at HCS(Hot Rod Custom Show)!
Yes, 2024 is Fun Together!

Car Show Spotlight
"Experience the Enchanting Chevrolet"

Automotive の Spot Light は、多くの名車とファンを持つ Chevrolet の魅力に注目して開催します。
Chevy と一言で表現しても、沢山のジャンル、そして様々な方向性があり、今回はその全てが対象です。
なので、現時点では、ある意味予測不可能!! どんな車がパシフィコに集まってくるのか楽しみです。
今回は、エントリーお申し込みの中から、20数台を選考して Chevy Only のエリアをご準備します。

The Automotive Spotlight will be focusing on the enchanting Chevrolet, which has numerous legendary cars and a large fan base.
To express Chevy in one word, there is a wide range of genres and directions, and this time, all of them are the focus.
Therefore, at this point, it's Unpredictable!! We are looking forward to what kind of cars will gather at Pacifico.
From the entries, we will select around 20, and prepare Chevy Only area.

Motorcycle Show Spotlight
"Swingin’ Choppers” Non Rigid Choppers

今回は、Rear Shock付き Chopperが Motorcycle Spotlight になります。
魅惑的なSoft but HardなChopperを20数台選考予定です。

The Motorcycle Show Spotlight will be a Rear Shock-equipped Chopper.
All motorcycles other than rigid frames, including 4-speed frames and Softails, are the focus. Year and model do not matter.
Around 20 Fascinating Soft but Hard Chopper will be selected.

Custom Paint Contest Spot Light
"Harmony of Custom Pennant"

ペナントと言う3角形の特殊な形の上に思いっきり自分のArt Skillを表現して下さい。何を表現するかは自由です。
素材は自由ですが 高さ30 cm x 幅70 cm の大きさに収まる事がルールとなります。

It is a paint contest based on the triangular-shaped Pennant.
Express your Art Skills to the fullest on the triangular-shaped Pennant. What you want to express is up to you.
The material does not matter, however, the Size Limitation is a Height 30cm x Width 70cm.

12月迄 約9ヶ月です。まだまだ時間はありますし、あっという間に時間は経ちます。


About 9 months until December. We still have time but the time will pass in the blink of an eye.
Best to start from right now.
Everyone, please have an early start.
Entry registration is planned to start around the end of July like last year.

Let's meet at the year-end in Yokohama!!