MOONEYES USAのある10820 South Norwalk Blvd. 周辺も新たな開発が始まっています。
今まであった古い Gas Station や Warehouse は取り壊されこの様に更地なりこれから大きな Warehouse が出来る予定です。裏にあった Oil Field もとんでもな大きな Warehouse になり、道の反対側はこの写真の様に状態となり、だんだん居心地が悪い感じがしてきました。Old Norwalk Blvd があるのは MOONEYES USA 側の One Block 位で周りはどんどん開発されて行きます。


Around 10820 South Norwalk Blvd. where MOONEYES USA is located, development is beginning.
Old Gas Station and Warehouse that were there before are also being demolished, leaving vacant land like this, and large Warehouse is planned to build here. The large Oil Field in the back turned to an enormous Warehouse and across the road it has become a state like this photo. It's starting to feel uncomfortable gradually.Old Norwalk Blvd is only about One Block of MOONEYES USA side and surrounding area is developing gradually.

The gravel mound in the photo is the stone crushed when the building at this land demolished. Instead of bringing in gravel from elsewhere, utilizing recycled materials eliminates waste. Once this is completed, with the increase in cars, containers, and large trucks of working people, the traffic situation around here will become even more difficult.

This is troublesome!