Southern California

1/25(木) Down Town LAにあるBike Shed と言うBikeを主にRestaurant, Bar, ClothingやBike アクセサリー等を扱う複合施設で
MOONEYES Documentary Film “ Craft of Speed” の試写会 MOONEYES Family and Friends Screening が 開催されました。

Producer/Director/Writer の Ming Lai が4年の歳月を掛けて作られたおおよそ2時間になるFilmはこれから色々なチャンスを取りながら一般公開を目指します。次のStepは LAで開催予定のPremiere Showです(日程未定)。

On Thursday, January 25th, at the Bike Shed in Downtown, LA, a mixed-use facility of restaurant, bar, clothing, and bike accessories, we had the MOONEYES Family and Friends Screening of MOONEYES Documentary Film "Craft of Speed".

Ming Lai who is a Producer/Director/Writer made this Film over four years, with a runtime of approximately two hours, and it is aiming for public screening, actively seeking opportunities for its showcase.

The next Step is the Premiere Show scheduled to take place at the LA(TBD).

そして1/27(土) は 3rd Annual MOONEYES New Year’s Party 2024.

恒例のIrwindale SpeedwayでBlue Skyの下、多くの方々を交えて開催されました。2020年3月にFontana Racewayで開催予定だった際はCovid-19で大騒ぎにとなり中止、2021年 開催時期を1月に変更しNew Year’s Partyとして開催、今年で3回目となりました。色々な意味で今年はFull Scaleでの開催となり海外からも沢山の来場があり、去年の12月に横浜で会った多くの方々にも再会する事にもなりました。皆動き回っていますね。

Moreover, on Saturday, January 27th, the 3rd Annual MOONEYES New Year's Party 2024 took place at the traditional location of Irwindale Speedway under the Blue Sky and, many people joined and gathered.

When it was decided to be held in March 2020 at Fontana Raceway, it was canceled due to Covid-19. In 2021, we changed the date to January and held it as the New Year's Party, and this year was the 3rd year. For many reasons, this year was held on Full Scale and we had many spectators from overseas we were also able to meet with people who met in December at Yokohama. It's good to see everybody moving around.

そして2/02(金)~2/04(日)に開催されたGrand National Roadster ShowではChico Kodama, MOONEYES USAが 74th 2024 Grand Nat’l Roadster Show 2024 Hall of Fameに選ばれると言う凄い出来事がありました。2/02(金) Show会場隣のBanquet会場で表彰式が開催され過去の多くの受賞者の中にChicoの名前が刻まれたのです。


Last but not least, on Sunday, February 4th, something incredible occurred – Chico was elected to the 74th Grand Nat’l Roadster Show 2024 Hall of Fame. During the award ceremony at the banquet venue adjacent to the show venue on Friday, February 2nd, included among the past award winners Chico's name will be marked there.