Streamlined Prius



今年になりホイルをMOONEYES USAへ送り、Dzus Faster の装着場所を検討し、通常の MOON Disc より高さが1/2低く、MOON Disc がホイルの縁を包むスタイルの Special MOON Disc を制作、Powder Coat を施し今週水曜日に本牧へホイルと共に入荷となり早速タイヤを組み付け How’bout that?!

Last year(2023) the staff who visited the Auto Salon excitedly recommended "Latest Prius looks cool! Let's buy it!" and when we asked the client if it was possible to purchase we had a response that "We have it!" and "Then we will buy it!!" and thought that the negotiation smoothly processed but, "We have it!" didn't mean that there is a reservation spot that can be delivered in 2023.

They mentioned car delivery would be in December, and I considered briefly postponing, but I decided to proceed and secured a reservation the actual car delivery was in October which is a few months earlier than December which was scheduled.

This year, we sent the wheels to MOONEYES USA and considered the installation spot for Dzus Faster and made the Special MOON Disc which is 1/2 lower than the general MOON Disc and style which MOON Disc will cover the edge of the wheel, and Powder coated. On this week Wednesday, it arrived at Honmoku with the wheel and immediately proceeded to be mounted on the tires. How ’bout that?!

現行 60型 プリウス専用商品は現在 Dash Mat とフロアマットがあります。

We currently have Dash Mat and Floor Mat for latest 60 model Prius.

車種: 2023 〜 60型 トヨタ プリウス (フロント & リア用)
カラー: BK ブラック
素材: モケット

MOONEYES カスタム フィット フロアー マット TOYOTA 2023- 60型 プリウス [MP001ZVW60BK]
販売価格: 33,000円(税込)

Car Model: 2023 〜 60 model TOYOTA Pruis (For Front & Rear)
Color: BK Black
Material: Moquette
※It takes about a month to deliver.

MOONEYES Custom Fit Floor Mat TOYOTA 2023- 60 model Prius [MP001ZVW60BK]
Price: 30,000yen(excl. tax)

サイド スピーカー 穴 あり、なし、どちらでも製作可能です。


トヨタ プリウス 2023年〜 (60型) ダッシュマット [DKTT1025]
販売価格: 12,650円(税込)

We are able to make with and without side speaker.
※The image is with side speaker.

Dash Mat is Made-to-order. Usually takes 1.5 months to deliver.

TOYOTA Prius 2023〜 (60 model) Dash Mat [DKTT1025]
Price: 11,500yen(excl. tax)