HCS 2010 まであと 1週間!!

HCS is 1 week away!!

USA から の HCS Bikes & Cars が無事横浜港に到着しました。 HCS Bikes & Cars arrived at the Yokohama port safely from the USA.

Robert Williams’ 1932 Ford Roadster

Suzanne Williams’ 1934 Ford Tudor Sedan

1936 Ford “Metallcoupe” built by Cole Foster

Steve Wilk’s S-10 “Green Inspiration”

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Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2010

今年の Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (HCS2010) の内容もほぼ決まり、9月からエントリー受付を開始します。 ショー内容は随時 MOONTERNET にアップされていますのでご覧ください。 This year’s Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (HCS2010) is just about set with a few more things that need to be ironed out but we will begin accepting Entry Forms by September. Show details have been building up and every update and confirmation (Continue reading…)