今回も仙台 トラック マスターズ での写真です。
そんな会場 駐車場で見つけたのが、比較的 高年式のクラウンです。Enkei 5 スポークが似合ってますね。大径ホイルを見慣れ過ぎているので、14インチ位のホイルに高さのあるタイヤが逆に新鮮に見えます。タイヤ、ホイル、ミラーの交換、車高を少し下げて、これだけで車はカッコ良くなるので、皆さんもとりあえず日ごろ乗っている車の車高だけでも下げてみませんか?感じ変わりますよ!

"TOYOTA Crown that looks cool some how."
This issue is also picture from Truck Masters in Sendai.
There are many beautiful cars and cool cars in Show cars entry space but usually there are some cool cars in parking lot too. Here we found fairy late model crown. Enkei 5 Spokes looks good on it. Seeing too many huge rims makes fresh to see 14inch wheels with tall tires. Just by Tires, wheels, mirrors and lowering makes cars looks cool, so please try lowering your everyday car, surely will change its appeals.