MQQNEYES Int'l Magazine Summer 2024

現在鋭意製作中の SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA STYLE MAGAZINE " MQQNEYES Int'l Magazine Summer 2024" の予約受付が MOONEYES Online Shop 各店舗にてスタートしました。発売は5月中旬頃に MOONEYES Area-1, MOONEYES Online Shop 各店舗、全国の MOONEYES AUTHORIZED DEALER にてお買い求めいただけます。

なんとか 2024年 5月12日(日) お台場 青海臨時駐車場 で開催する MOONEYES Street Car Nationals ® で先行販売できるように進めていますので、いち早く手に取りたい方は、会場内の MOONEYES ブースでお買い求めください。

巻頭はMOONEYES が所有する 2台の TOYOTA Hilux Dually にスポットを当てます。もちろん MOONEYES で現在取り扱っているアイテムを全て網羅出来る Complete Catalogを収録。

今年もコンテンツ満載な MIM No. 26 をぜひお手に取ってお楽しみください!

【予約/5月中旬発売】MQQNEYES International Magazine Summer 2024 [MGCAT24-26]
販売価格: 1,210円(税込)

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA STYLE MAGAZINE "MQQNEYES Int'l Magazine Summer 2024" is currently diligently being published and has started pre-orders. It will be released in mid-May and will be available for purchase at the MOONEYES Official Online Shop, Honmoku Yokohama MOONEYES Area-1, and MOONEYES AUTHORIZED DEALERS.

We are planning to offer it for pre-sale at the MOONEYES Street Car Nationals® on Sunday, May 12th, 2024, at Odaiba Aomi Parking. If you want to get it as soon as possible, please purchase it at the MOONEYES booth at the venue.

The magazine will feature the two TOYOTA Hilux Duallys owned by MOONEYES and will also include the MOONEYES Complete Catalog, which contains all MOONEYES items.

Please enjoy MIM No.26, filled with MOONEYES!

MQQNEYES International Magazine Summer 2024 #26
Price: 1,100yen(excl. tax)

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