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7月19日(土)は、MOONEYES USAのOpen Houseでした。


いつもはPomona Swap Meetの前日に開催するのですが、今年はスケジュールの関係から1週間遅くなり、しかも同日、あちらこちらでイベントが開催されたので、来場者に不安がありましたが、いざフタをあけてみると、昨年以上の人々が立ち寄ってくれました。

Open Houseは、お客様感謝Dayのような感じで、ハンパ物のセール、


Machine ShopもOpenし、誰でも自由に出入りでき、 皆にMOON を観て貰う一日です。

<JCCS 主催者 Mr&Mrs 山口>



MOONEYESの狭い駐車場だけでは、たくさんのHot Rod & Kustomを収容仕切れませんので、 隣のハンバーガーショップとか、向かいのタイル屋さんとかの駐車場も使わせて頂いても、なお収まりきれず、

Norwalk Blvedの両側には、 ズラーと車と人とであふれかえりました。

<ナイトロ スモール ブロック シェビー のエンジン デモ です。>


MOONEYES USA Parkingと、MOON Eyeball サインの前3台分がGood Spotで、





さて、12時過ぎに開店した「Chico's Burger Shop」。

Hot Rod TrioのLiveが終了した15時頃には人々も帰路につき、

いつものNorwalk Blvdに戻っていました。

さて次のMOONEYES USAのEventは、12月13日(土)の、MOONEYES X'mas Partyです。
その6日前の 12月7日(日)は、Yokohama Hot Rod・Custom Showです。

Saturday, July 19 was the MOONEYES USA Open House.

It has always been held a day before the Pomona Swap Meet but this year there were scheduling issues and the result was a full week after. On that same day there were several other happenings taking place too so it may have been difficult for some people to make it. However, looking back now, there were more people that stopped by than previous years.

Open House is a common term used in the auto industry for customer appreciation day. Boxes of items were outside on sale at bargain prices. All of the in-store items had no sales tax just for the day too. Plus, free soft drinks and on the grille saw over 240 of Chico's infamous free hamburgers.

Open House is also when shops open their garage doors and allow customers to see behind the scenes. Mooneyes Machine Shop was open to the public and allowed anyone interested to come in and have a look around the inner workings of the shop.

During this time of the year in Southern California, the mornings are often cloudy but that day was clear and had a breeze of cool air. However, but noon the sun was high in the sky and all of a sudden the temperature rose and reminded us that it was summer.

The parking lot at MOONEYES is too small to accommodate the amount of Hot Rods & Kustoms that come to the Open House so we got permission to use parking at the hamburger shop next door and the tile shop across the street. On top of that was a long strip of cars along both sides of Norwalk Blvd and people were just everywhere.

MOONEYES USA Parking and three spots in front of the MOON Eyeball sign are the Good Spots and heard that the early birds came at 7AM to secure them.

Just after 12 noon was the opening of "Chico's Burger Shop" and the hamburgers that were prepare were just about gone within an hour. By 3PM the live band, Hot Rod Trio, finished up playing and people started heading home. Soon after, Norwalk Blvd was returned by to normal again.

The next MOONEYES USA event is December 13, 2008 (Saturday) - it's the MOONEYES X'MAS PARTY at Irwindale Speedway in California.
Just 6 days before the X'mas party is the Yokohama Hot Rod/Custom Show on December 7, 2008 (Sunday) too.
Please be sure you mark the days down in your calendar!