MOON Book by Laurent Bagnard

MOONEYES USA ができて20年、Dean MOON の時代から MOONEYES USA の今に至るまでが詳しく書かれた、フランス写真家 Laurent Bagnard の「MOON Book」今まで MOON に関する本や記事は沢山ありましたがこの1冊は素晴らしいです。 欧州人の Laurent だから作れた1冊、日本語訳付きで9月初旬発売予定です。 価格は 5,000円位、まだ決定ではありません。 お楽しみに! It's been almost 20 years since MOON was restarted as MOONEYES USA. From the days when Dean MOON began the company in the 50s, up until today's current MOONEYES, the complete details have finally been put completely together in a new book by French photographer Laurent Bagnard called, MOON BOOK. There are a lot of stories about MOONEYES and several books have been made about the company and history too. However, this is the first book that actually starts at the very beginning with Dean Moon, and shows the transition that is MOONEYES today. It's a spectacular book with a lot of first-time published photos too. Laurent is releasing the book out of Europe, and a Japanese language insert will be made for the initial release in Japan some time in September. The price is not set for Japan yet but will be around 5,000 Yen. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!