Motorcycle Swap Meet

日曜日の Motorcycle Swap Meet、もの凄い暑さでしたが大盛況で終了しました。 This past Sunday was the Motorcycle Swap Meet and it was a really hot day but it went very good and was a great success. 途中、雲行きが怪しくなり雨も降りましたがポツポツ程度で収まり皆無事に帰れたと思います。 On the way there in the morning, the skies looked partially cloudy and there were a couple drops of rain but that was as far as it went and I think everyone made it home safely. 本牧から東京お台場まで高速で一本, 行きは CB 500、 From Honmoku, Yokohama to Odaiba, Tokyo I rode the CB 500 one way, 帰りは H-D Panhead で戻って来ましたが H-D の方が全然楽ですね! 乗り比べてみるとハッキリ分かりました。 and coming back I rode the H-D Panhead, which made me realize how much easier the H-D is on the highway! Comparing the two rides, it was very clear. しかし! 帰り道 27キロオーバーで Speeding Ticket を貰った友人(この日はお休みの Helper の方)が居ました。 However! A friend of mine was given a speeding ticket for being 27km/h (about 17mph) over the speed limit! 白バイに注意です! You have to be careful of the Police bikes! 今回 MOONEYES のバイク全車展示しました。 At the event we had all MOONEYES bikes on display. 2010年 HCS で開催する「Forever Multi Palace」の対象車両も 皆様のご協力でムーンアイズテント横で展示しました。 For this year at HCS2010, we have "Forever Multi Palace" which is focused on particular bikes and with the help of many others, we had a display next to the MOONEYES tent at the swap meet. 今週の MMM にイベントレポートギャラリー見て下さい。 Be sure to check out MMM this weekend for our event report and gallery. あと今週末は本牧 AREA-1 に 「Preview of Tribute to Robert Williams & Suzanne Williams」開始します! 是非チェックして下さい。詳しくは、こちらへどうぞ。 Speaking of weekend, starting on Saturday for three days is "Preview of Tribute to Robert Williams & Suzanne Williams" right here at Area-1 in Honmoku. For more details about the event, please see our website.