Japanese Classic Car Show at Long Beach

昨年まで Orange County, Irvine で開催されていた JCCS 旧車日本車のイベントが Long Beach に戻り開催されました。 Last year it was held at Irvine in Orange County, but this year the JCCS (Japanese Classic Car Show) has returned to Long Beach. 海の隣で Queen Mary もあり横浜なら山下公園で Car Show 開催する感じです。山下公園で開催で来たら気持ちいいでしょうね〜。 The event in next to the bay with Queen Mary sitting in the port, just like having a car show in Yamashita Park in Yokohama, Japan. It woud actually be really cool to have an event like this in Yamashita Park. 今回も右ハンドルの Toyota Crown Pick Up RS46 を持って行きました。勿論 Booth も出したました。 We brought the RHD 1964 Toyota Crown Pickup (RS46) and had a Booth too. RS46 なら Masterline だと思うかもしれませんがこの車は オーストラリア からの日本経由で California は送ったので オーストラリア 物なので Crown なんです。 As for RS46, it would normally be called a Masterline in Japan but since this car was originally an export to Australia, it was badged as a Crown. It went from Australia, back to Japan and now it's in California. Booth に居ると MOON T-shirt を着ている 3人兄弟がご両親と寄ってくれました。ありがとうございます。 At the booth, there were three young enthusiasts that stopped by sporting MOON T-shirts. Thank you very much. 今回一番気になったのはこの Dodge 達です The cars t hat really got my attention this time were the Dodge cars. そして何時もカッコイイのは Mazda RX-2。 And of course, as always, the Mazda RX-2 is cool. これは Toyota の Hemi、この Century の Motor です。 This is a Toyota Hemi (left), that is standard in the big 1970 Toyota Century (right). この Toyota Hi Lux も気になった一台です。 This Toyota Hi Lux also got my attention looking real good. もう何回同じ車の写真を撮ったでしょうか? と思っても BRE カラーは何時も気になります。 I always think, everytime I come to the car show I see these same cars but anytime you see BRE colors it doesn't matter because they are awesome. このショーの為に Wildman が制作した Award Disc はこの Show の Best of Show に渡されます。 For this show, WILDMAN made a MOON Disc for the "MOONEYES Pick" and it went to the winner of the "Best of Show" award too. そして Winner はこの Toyota Sports 800 のオーナーでした。 おめでとうございます。今回このイベントにはルイジアナとかマイアミ等 East Coast から沢山の人は来ていました。USA の日本旧車はちょっとしたブームの様です。 The winner was the owner of this Toyota Sports 800. Congratulations. I noticed there were a lot of people that came to the show from the East Coast like Louisiana and Miami. Maybe old Japanese cars are getting more popular.