My Hero, Kenji Okazaki

NHRA National Dragster 誌 August 20, 2010 Issue の表紙に何と Kenji Okazaki が出ているではありませんか!
Kenji Okazaki's picture was on the cover of the August 20th, 2010 issue of NHRA National Dragster Magazine!

しかも中ページにも、「あの人は今?」ページかと思ったら National Event で1回しか勝った事のない Driver の特集でした。それも Reader's Choice のです。1回と言うと少ない感じもしますが Cole Foster の御父さんの Pat Foster, Jungle Jim Liberman も National Event の Win は 1回だけだったそうです。
I thought it was going to be an article on "where are they now" but it was a special article about drivers who won a Nationals event just one time only. Plus he was a reader's choice. It would sound like there would only be a few people that won a National event just once but there are many including Cole Foster's father Pat Foster and Jungle Jim Liberman.