PRA/Super Shot Speed Trial 仙台ハイランド

ツイッターでフォローする Follow me on twitter 22日 (日) 仙台ハイランドで PRA/Super Shot Speed Trial が開催されました。 On Sunday (8/22) in northern Japan at Sendai Highland, the PRA Japan/Super Shot Speed Trial was successfully held. Here are some photos from the event. VW Type 1 with New MOONEYES Sticker MOONEYES AWARD の Roadrunner This Plymouth Roadrunner received a MOONEYES Award 今回のPRA カッコイイVWが多かったです。 The PRA event attracted a lot of cool VW this time. Mr. K's Vega Wagon 2010 SCN 「Burnout King」の Charger です。 This Dodge Charge received the award for "Burnout King" at the 2010 Street Car Nationals (SCN). RTで負けました。 In the red Camaro (background) I lost in RT (reaction time). 11秒に近い賞、11.008 で賞をもらいました。 I did receive an award for "close to 11 seconds" in which I ran 11.008 seconds. MOONEYES AWARD の 居鶴さん。 MOONEYES AWARD presented to the owner of the Roadrunner mentioned above.