MOON BOOK の日本語訳ができたのに、肝心の本がヨーロッパからまだ到着しない。 相手は送ったと言って早くも2ヶ月経過 何時届く事やらどこへ行っちゃた事やら。 しかも航空便だと言う? We recently finished making a MOON BOOK Japanese edition booklet that will be included with all MOON Books we well. The book is in English but written by French photographer Laurent Bagnard so the actual shipment of the stock has to come from Europe. Unfortunately, the books have not arrived yet. The books were sent from Europe easily 2 months ago when it first released. This was sent via air too? しかし日本語訳もかなり無理のある箇所があるので読む方は想像力を豊かにお願いします。 The translation into Japanese was difficult to do in the short amount of time we thought we initially had and as a result, takes a lot of imagination to fully understand what is being read. 今まで誰にも聞かれなかった MOON Equipment Companyを買収した経緯とかなぜ MOON USA を運営しようと思ったのかとか色々な質問を答えて行くうちに「ヨーロッパのライターだから色々不思議に思う事もあるだろうけどアメリカ & 日本の人に取っては気にもならなかった事なのかも知れない」と思いました。 A lot of details in the book are about MOON Equipment Company and why and how MOON USA management changed over time. Perhaps it is because MOONEYEs is relatively new to the European market, I'm not sure, but it seems that Japanese and Americans have known these things about MOON long ago. 話しているウチに色々な事が思い出され整理され初めて話す事ばかり。 終わってみると自分自身も「そうだったんだな」って再認識する始末でした。 As the book was being made, there were things I talked about that I never really thought about other than to myself. Now that the book is complete and I read though it all, it brings back a lot of memories. 早くから注文された方今しばらくお待ち下さい。 For those of you that ordered early, we truly appreciate your patience. と言ってたらたった今 一部入荷しました!! これじゃソバ屋の出前と一緒だ。 And just as this post was complete, part of the shipment has arrived!!