26回目の MQQNEYES Street Car Nationals (SCN)

26回目のMQQNEYES Street Car Natinals (SCN)が 4月29日(日)東京お台場、何時もの場所で開催です。 今年も会場側の協力で同じ規模で開催可能となりました。楽しい時間を共有しましょう。 昨年は退出後、一般道で飛んだり跳ねたりする大きな車が多かったです、ある車は飛んでいるうちに横にそれて行き、隣の車とあわや!ってシーンを何度も観ました。年寄りの我々主催者に取っては心臓に悪いのでそう言うのは辞めて下さい。SCN に来る車はどれも十分存在感ありますからそれ以上アピールしなくても大丈夫です。静かに並んでいる方がカッコいいよ! エントリー受付開始は今週土曜日からです。 26th Annual MQQNEYES Street Car Nationals (SCN) is set for April 29 (Sunday) in Odaiba Tokyo at the same location as before, Aomi Parking Area. There will be other events taking place around the same area as well this year. It will be an enjoyable day for everyone. Last year at the end when people were leaving, there were several cars that I saw getting on the main street and flooring it. One of them I saw got sideways right next to another car. Being the show promoter and an old person, seeing this is bad for my health so I ask that everyone leave calmly and refrain from getting crazy. All of the cars that are SCN are simply perfect as is inside the show and there should be no need for added appeal upon leaving the show. That said, strolling out quietly is very cool! We'll be accepting entry applications staring this Saturday! 20年前、あの上瀬谷から始まったトラックマスターズのスケジュールも決まったそうです。 今年は20周年と言う事でアッと言うような企画があるそうです。 20 years ago, it was in Kamiseya where the first Truck Masters was held. This year is their 20th Anniversary and looks like they have special plans in the works.