VWs in Action

April Fool の Sunday, 4月1日は東京お台場で 6回目の Street VWs Jamboree でした。 MQQNEYES は持っている VW 総出で参加しました。 VW で行くには丁度良い距離でした。 The 6th Annual Street VWs Jamboree was held on April Fool's Day, Sunday April 1, in Odaiba Tokyo. All of the MQQNEYES VWs participated together at the event. The location of the event was the perfect distance for the VWs to drive to as well. 今年の Hot Rod Custom Show 2012, Air Cooled VWs に Spot Light をあて "Air Cooled in Action" と言うタイトルで一昨年の Mini Truck を中心とした "Slammed Zone" の様な企画を行います。 たまには室内で自分VWを見るのもひと味違うと思います。 いろいろ悩まず、エントリーして皆で楽しみましょう! This year's Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 will have a section for Air Cooled VWs. The spotlight section is called "Air Cooled in Action" which is a section similar to previous years like street trucks, "Slammed Zone" etc. Once in a while, if not for the first time, you get the chance to see your VW under the spotlight of an indoor show. There are no worries about having to be a super show car, just enter and have a good time with others! 朝日が上るツバサ橋、お台場行きです。 The morning sun coming up behind Tsubasa bridge, on the way to Odaiba. Scat Japan 時代からの友人の Pay君の T-II、 カッコいい! A friend from way back in the Scat Japan days, Pay's T-II, so cool! MQQNEYES VWs いつも 3人組 These 3 are always in a group. こっち向くな! Don't look this way? 1963 VW T-I MQQN Buggy こっちを向くな! Do not look this way! '74 T-II ドライバーはマッチャン。今年40才です。 The driver is Matchan. He will be 40 this year. 会社に着くと MQQNEYES Fan Family さん一家。 Boy は 19歳、 スタイルが決まって ますね! お父さんは車が仕上がらなくてちょっとショボン気味でした。 御来店ありがとうございます! When getting back to MOONEYES in Honmoku, I ran into a MQQNEYES Fan Family. The oldest boy is 19, and his style is without fail! The father's current project car isn't quite completed yet so he was a little down. Thank you all for coming to our store!