鈴鹿SCNに居ます。(Suzuka SCN)

WWII敗戦直後のNew Grand Hotel Right after the end of WWII in 1945. New Grand Hotel Yokohama
天気も持ちそうだしならし運転兼ねて 1960 Thunderbird で行ってきます。 何でも鈴鹿が 1962年に出来て今年で 50周年と言う事で 「1962年型のクルマ集まって」 と 主催者の Hot Stuff 山口さんから声が掛かったので 1962年 Toyopet Crown Custom も持って行きます。 Crown は積載車に積んで行くので道中 T-bird に何かおきたら Crown に乗り換えれば良いので安心ですね。 それでは 6/3(日) は鈴鹿で会いましょう。 富士開催される Ikura's American Festival にも勿論 MQQNEYES は出店しています。 今週は忙しいです。 Looks like the weather will hold up this weekend so I'll be driving the 1960 Thunderbird. From Yokohama, Suzuka is about a 5 hour drive with a distance of 368 km (229 mi). Suzuka Circuit was built in 1962 and this year it's their 50th Anniversary. I received a call from the event promoter Mr. Yamaguchi of Hot Stuff asking me to bring my 1962 Toyopet Crown Custom as they want to bring together cars built in 1962. The Crown will be brought to the event on a hauler so if something happens to the T-bird along the way, we'll switch the cars and I'll drive the Crown. So I hope to meet you all on Sunday June 3rd at Suzuka Street Car Nationals in Suzuka Circuit. If you are planning to go to Fuji Speedway instead for Ikura's American Festival, MQQNEYES will have a booth there too. Stop by and say hello. This weekend is going to be busy.