1960 T-bird Goes to SCN 鈴鹿 (Suzuka)

1960 T-bird 快調で鈴鹿 SCN へ行って来ました。 横浜ー鈴鹿往復は約 800km (500mile)、 使ったガソリンは約 165リッター (41ガロン)、 燃費はなんと 脅威の 5キロ (20mpg)、 良いのか悪いのか、 良い訳ないですね。 The 1960 T-bird drove all the way to Suzuka SCN in excellent condition. Round trip from Yokohama to Suzuka is about 500 miles (800km) and it used about 41 gallons (165 liters) of gasoline. It got about 20mpg (5km/g), good or bad, it isn't that great. At Vannuys Automotive 行き帰り第2東名と使いました。 行きは第2東名に入ってから 「Vannuysさんに寄って行こう」 となり 新清水で降りたら Vannuysさんのある JR 清水駅まで遠い遠い。 しかも第2東名降りた交差点に 「清水こっち」 って看板を観ましたが それから出て来るのは 「浜松とか藤枝」 ばかりで 海の近くになって 2度目の 「清水」 がありました。 地方から来てどこを走っているかすらも分からない我々には 「浜松とか藤枝」 とかあっても位置関係が分からないのでまったく役に経ちません。 こういう看板って地元の人の為にあるのでしょうか? 本来我々の様な人の為にあると思うのですが? 東北道でも仙台から乗ると 「盛岡」 「福島」 とかあって自分の居る場所が分からない知り合いは 東京に向かうはずが盛岡方面を走っていたなんて笑い話があります。 「せめて東京、 青森」 とかにしておいてくれると分かり易くてたすかるのですが。。 In both directions we used the No. 2 Tomei Expressway, which recently opened. On the way there we decided, "Let's stop by Vannuys" and exited the expressway at Shinshimizu but Vannuys is located near JR Shimizu Station which is far, far away. However, there was a sign at the first intersection after we got off the expressway that showed "Shimizu this way" on it and then we saw another sign with "Hamamatsu & Fujieda". We were close to the beach. Come to find out there was a second Shimizu exit. Driving around in this area, we had no idea which way to go. We kept seeing "Hamamatsu & Fujieda" signs but since we didn't know where we were the signs were useless. Seriously, are these signs for locals only? I just can't see how it would be intended for someone like us, coming from outside this area. It's like, when you are in northeastern Japan like Sendai heading back to Tokyo you pass signs with "Morioka" or "Fukushima". All I know is I'm on my way to Tokyo, I don't know where I am exactly so they make no sense. It's almost laughable. If they just took the furthest or main destinations on that particular route, it would make more sense. That way you know what direction you are heading in. In Japan, the signs don't indicate the heading, e.g. North or South. For example, say you are traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco and make a stop somewhere in between. When you get back to the freeway, the only signs would be "Fresno & Bakersfield". If you don't know where you are, how can you know which way is San Francisco? 話は飛びましたがSCN鈴鹿は天気こそ曇りでしたが盛り上がっていました。 Jumping back onto topic, we made it to SCN Suzuka. The weather was cloudy but everyone was excited. MOONEYES Shop at Suzuka SCN 詳しいレポートは今週の MMM 「A-中野君の Trip Report」 で紹介します。 Oh、 第2東名はなだらかで良かったです。 走り易いです。 でも眠くなりました。 帰りは最後の給油をしていたら雑誌 Fueler の Dually がガソリン垂れ流し (タンクに穴が空いて) で入って来たので 修理に付き合って 30分余計に掛かりました。 For more details about SCN Suzuka, check out the Trip Report by A-Nakano coming this weekend. Oh, a little bit more about the No. 2 Tomei Expressway. The road is smooth and gentle. It is a great road to drive. Although it does get tiring. On our way home at our last stop for gas, Fueler magazine's Dually pulled in with their gas pouring out (the tank had a hole) so we stuck around and helped out which took over 30 minutes. 両手でハンドルを握っていないとフラフラでした。 I had to hold on with both hands because the play in the steering. 人に運転させて後部シートで寝ているのは Blue Panic の金子サンです。 While I had to drive, in the backseat laying down is Mr. Blue of Blue Panic. 指を出しているのは クルマを買うと間もなく 「スリル」 も付いて来る Blue Panic の金子さん。 That’s Mr. Blue's thumbs-up through the window. Mr. Blue runs a used car lot in Yokohama. If you want to have a "thrill", buy a car from his place. There's always something thrilling about his cars. 金子!! 折角良い写真なのに!! Mr. Blue, why did you look at the camera!! It was such a great picture, if he stayed straight in the car. 写真を撮るPan, あぶないな~ Dangerous, Pan! 深夜の第2東名 Late night on the No. 2 Tomei 無事到着 Made it home safely.